Savanna Craig

  • Concordia Pledges More Services For Students’ Mental Health

    School to Address In-House Services Over Next Five Years, After Health and Wellness Report Recommendations

    Last fall Concordia president Alan Shepard commissioned a report in the school’s health and wellness services, in response to the increase in number of students seeking mental and physical health services. The report, which has recently been published, outlines various areas Concordia needs to improve on to help support their students.

  • Concordia Engineering Students Utilize an Ongoing Network of Information to Succeed

    Problems Within the Program Lead Students to Share Past Assignments, Quizzes and Exams in Order to Succeed

    For some students within the Gina Cody School of Engineering, sharing past exams, quizzes and assignments is their best way at securing a high GPA. Some do not attend classes, and instead use outside tutoring sources, as they feel it is more beneficial. Some students feel their professors are more focused on research at the university, instead of prioritizing the success of their students.

  • The Controversial Topic of Free Education

    Weighing Both Sides of the Spectrum of How Free Education Can Be Obtainable

    Free education has been an important conversation within Quebec, especially gaining traction since the Maple Spring protests. Co-spokesperson of Quebec Solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who fought for free education during the 2012 protests, has continued his fight within the realm of provincial politics. The topic of free education has been a controversial one, with not everyone in agreement.

  • Concordia Hosts Sexual Misconduct and Violence Consultations, In Preparation for Bill 151

    Consultations Invites Students to Voice Their Opinion on Campus Sexual Violence Policies

    Concordia University will be hosting public consultations, to voice their opinion and concerns regarding sexual misconduct and sexual violence. They’re inviting the community to find out more about the work of school’s permanent committee on sexual misconduct and sexual violence.

  • A Look Into ASFA’s New Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy

    Policy Aims to Be More Survivor Centred Unlike Previous Policy

    *A deeper look into ASFA’s new harassment, discrimination and violence policy, which aims to be more survivor centred. Unlike the former policy, survivors will not be required to meet with their accused harassor or the person who has discriminated them. *

  • Former eConcordia Employee Allegedly Fired Without Notice After Months of Discrimination

    KnowledgeOne, Creators of eConcordia, Accused of Racism and Homophobia

    Former KnowledgeOne employee, the company responsible for eConcordia, has accused the company for months of racial and homophobic discrimination. Former employee Muhammad* accused employees and CEO of the company for mocking his race, religion, sexuality and his level of French.*

  • Weed Consumption Banned on Concordia Campuses

    The Smoking, Vaping, Selling and Cooking of Weed is Banned on Concordia Campus

    Concordia’s weed regulations will fall under the Cannabis Regulation Act. It will include the prohibition of smoking, vaping, selling and cooking weed on both campuses. Those 18-years-old and over are allowed to carry up to 30 grams. If caught consuming weed, fines can range between $500 to $2,250, with multiple offences heightening the chances of increased fines.

  • CSU General Coordinator Prohibited From Sitting on Senate

    The New Committee May Challenge the Eligibility Requirements for Students

    Concordia Student Union General Coordinator is not eligible to sit on Concordia Senate due to being in conditional standing as a result of a former low GPA. Senate has just approved an ad hoc committee to review these eligibility requirements.

  • CSU Councillor Resigns for Undisclosed Reason

    This Marks the Second Resignation of a CSU Councillor This Year

    A Concordia Student Union councillor has recently resigned. This is the second resignation since CSU mandates commenced on June 1, 2018.

  • With Concordia’s Food Provider Up For Grabs, Students Hope to See a More Equitable Food System

    Students Imagine a Student-Run Food Provider on Campus

    Students are campaigning for a more healthy and autonomous food system at Concordia. The contract for Aramark, Concordia’s current food provider, will be ending in 2020.

  • Provincial Debate on Student Issues Targets Free Education

    All But One Party, the Liberals, Promote Access to Free Education for Quebecers

    When talking about free education at Friday night’s debate, Liberal Party candidate David Birnbaum looked frustrated, stressing that free education is “totally unrealistic,” right before slamming his fist on the table.

  • Another Complaint Against ASFA at the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission

    Claims the Association Failed to Take Action on Sexual Harassment by Former President

    A complaint against the Arts and Science Federation of Associations is being sent to the Quebec Human Rights Commission over an alleged lack of aid to former student Harris Turpin who said he faced sexual harassment from then ASFA president Jonathan Roy, who worked as president throughout the last school year.

  • Montreal Activists Stand in Solidarity With Palestine

    The Conflict in Palestine and Activism in Montreal

    The relationship between events in Palestine and the support through activism shown in Montreal. This timeline takes a look at the different events in both Palestine and Montreal, and remembers the Netanyahu Riots.

  • Concordia’s Mental Health Services: Little Diversity and Long Wait Times

    Some Students Struggle to Get the Most Out of Services Available

    Students dealing with mental illness confront long wait times when seeking support. Demands for mental health services have increased, as a growing number of students are reporting they are being impacted by mental illness. For non-white students at Concordia, having a counsellor who has not faced racial discrimination can complicate things, especially if a student needs to process trauma resulting from their own discrimination. But Concordia’s team of 12 psychologists, there are no people of colour to connect with students seeking a counsellor with similar experiences and understanding.

  • Opioids: Preparation Could Save a Life

    Opiate Users at Risk, Contamination Poses Threat in Street Drugs

    A look at the drugs contaminated with fentanyl in Montreal, how to prevent an overdose, and how to react during an overdose.

  • Canada’s Food System Provides More Food Than We Need

    What Montrealers Are Doing to Improve and Cheat a Flawed System

    In Montreal, food waste accounts for an average of 27 per cent of garbage thrown out by residents.

  • Timeline of Far-Right Actions in Quebec

    A Look Into Why the Far-Right is Gaining Stream

    Far-right groups in Quebec have become more prominent, with social movements and protests becoming more common place in Montreal and Quebec City.

  • ASFA 2018 Elections: Meet Your Executive Team Candidates

    Two Full Slates Running for the Student Association’s Top Spots

    Voting for the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations’ elections begins March 27 and runs until the 29. ASFA represents about 20,000 students within Concordia’s Arts and Science programs. This year, ASFA is attempting to restructure their executive positions through referendum. All but two positions are contested. Quorum for the election is 370.

  • Concordia Student Union Elections 2018: Executive Candidates

    Twenty-Five Students Running for Eight Spots

    From Tuesday to Thursday, Concordia’s more than 35,000 undergraduate students will be asked to vote in the Concordia Student Union’s annual election. This year, three full slates and one independent candidate are running for the CSU’s eight executive positions. Quorum for the election is 450 votes.

  • Former Student Files Human Rights Case Against Concordia Following Sexual Harassment

    Student Reached Out To The University For Years But Received No Help

    A former Concordia student is filing a complaint against Concordia University with the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission for not sufficiently protecting her from sexual harassment she faced from a professor, which she says violates of her right to equality in her education.