Savanna Craig

  • Administration Responds to Tuition Hikes Imposed on Three JMSB Programs

    CASA Not Taking a Stance on the Tuition Increase

    The administration and the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association have responded to the imposed tuition hikes in three JMSB programs. These programs within the Goodman Institute of Investment Management will rise from the current price of $18,000 to $24,000 for Quebec and out of province students by 2021 and will increase to $29,000 for international students by 2021.

  • Momentum the Only Full Slate Running in ASFA Elections

    Meet the One Team Going to the Polls

    This year, only one slate is running in the ASFA elections, with no oppositions between candidates.

  • Three JMSB Programs Will Face Tuition Hikes Starting Fall 2019

    Quebec, Out of Province, and International Students Will Experience Hikes Over Three Years

    Three John Molson School of Business programs will experience tuition hikes which will increase over the next three years. This will be imposed on Quebec, out of province, and international students.

  • Canary Mission Is An Online Blacklist for BDS Activists

    Canary Mission Correlates Anti-Semitism With BDS,  Doxxing Supporters of the Movement

    Canary Mission blacklists supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement on North American campuses, including both professors and students, in aim to hinder the BDS movement.

  • Bringing Addiction to the Forefront of Campus Conversations

    CSU Talk on Addiction Kick Starts Initiatives Support Those in Recovery

    Apart of Concordia student life coordinator Michèle Sandiford’s intentions to bring more conversation and resources for those with addictions at Concordia, the CSU hosted a talk on addiction to bring more of a conversation and reduction of stigma on campus.

  • CSU Forms Students in Recovery Task Force

    Task Force Will Address Services Available to Students in Recovery at Concordia

    The Concordia Student Union is organizing the launch of a Students in Recovery Task Force, aimed at critiquing research the CSU has conducted on services available to those in recovery and make recommendations.

  • Looking Into the Lifesaving Naloxone

    Richard Davy Has Been Training Young People Accross the City on How to Administer Naloxone

    McGill social work student Richard Davy said there’s a lack of awareness given towards the importance of naloxone and the growing rate of opioid overdoses in Montreal.

  • Timeline of the Opioid Crisis in Canada

    How Prescription Drugs, the Government’s War on Drugs, and Black Market Fentanyl Generated High Addiction Rates

    This timeline examines the catalysts that generated an opioid epidemic in Canada, and services and circumstances that sprung from the growing death toll. It looks into factors that furthered the epidemic—with the introduction of new opioids, government policies, and initiatives, such as safe injection sites, aimed to help diminish the rates of opioid-related deaths. This is not all encompassing of every event or factor leading to the growing death toll in Canada due to opiates, as well as all of the initiatives aimed to relieve this toll.

  • Where to Find Mental Health, Addiction and Community Support in Montreal

    Mental Health, Financial and Addiction Resources

    Need help but feel lost? Here are some services in Montreal that offer support to those with mental illness, disabilities, addiction or sexually transmitted infections. You can also learn about organizations that provide educational workshops or other types of social support.

  • Concordia Pledges More Services For Students’ Mental Health

    School to Address In-House Services Over Next Five Years, After Health and Wellness Report Recommendations

    Last fall Concordia president Alan Shepard commissioned a report in the school’s health and wellness services, in response to the increase in number of students seeking mental and physical health services. The report, which has recently been published, outlines various areas Concordia needs to improve on to help support their students.

  • Concordia Engineering Students Utilize an Ongoing Network of Information to Succeed

    Problems Within the Program Lead Students to Share Past Assignments, Quizzes and Exams in Order to Succeed

    For some students within the Gina Cody School of Engineering, sharing past exams, quizzes and assignments is their best way at securing a high GPA. Some do not attend classes, and instead use outside tutoring sources, as they feel it is more beneficial. Some students feel their professors are more focused on research at the university, instead of prioritizing the success of their students.

  • The Controversial Topic of Free Education

    Weighing Both Sides of the Spectrum of How Free Education Can Be Obtainable

    Free education has been an important conversation within Quebec, especially gaining traction since the Maple Spring protests. Co-spokesperson of Quebec Solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who fought for free education during the 2012 protests, has continued his fight within the realm of provincial politics. The topic of free education has been a controversial one, with not everyone in agreement.

  • Concordia Hosts Sexual Misconduct and Violence Consultations, In Preparation for Bill 151

    Consultations Invites Students to Voice Their Opinion on Campus Sexual Violence Policies

    Concordia University will be hosting public consultations, to voice their opinion and concerns regarding sexual misconduct and sexual violence. They’re inviting the community to find out more about the work of school’s permanent committee on sexual misconduct and sexual violence.

  • A Look Into ASFA’s New Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy

    Policy Aims to Be More Survivor Centred Unlike Previous Policy

    *A deeper look into ASFA’s new harassment, discrimination and violence policy, which aims to be more survivor centred. Unlike the former policy, survivors will not be required to meet with their accused harassor or the person who has discriminated them. *

  • Former eConcordia Employee Allegedly Fired Without Notice After Months of Discrimination

    KnowledgeOne, Creators of eConcordia, Accused of Racism and Homophobia

    Former KnowledgeOne employee, the company responsible for eConcordia, has accused the company for months of racial and homophobic discrimination. Former employee Muhammad* accused employees and CEO of the company for mocking his race, religion, sexuality and his level of French.*

  • Weed Consumption Banned on Concordia Campuses

    The Smoking, Vaping, Selling and Cooking of Weed is Banned on Concordia Campus

    Concordia’s weed regulations will fall under the Cannabis Regulation Act. It will include the prohibition of smoking, vaping, selling and cooking weed on both campuses. Those 18-years-old and over are allowed to carry up to 30 grams. If caught consuming weed, fines can range between $500 to $2,250, with multiple offences heightening the chances of increased fines.

  • CSU General Coordinator Prohibited From Sitting on Senate

    The New Committee May Challenge the Eligibility Requirements for Students

    Concordia Student Union General Coordinator is not eligible to sit on Concordia Senate due to being in conditional standing as a result of a former low GPA. Senate has just approved an ad hoc committee to review these eligibility requirements.

  • CSU Councillor Resigns for Undisclosed Reason

    This Marks the Second Resignation of a CSU Councillor This Year

    A Concordia Student Union councillor has recently resigned. This is the second resignation since CSU mandates commenced on June 1, 2018.

  • With Concordia’s Food Provider Up For Grabs, Students Hope to See a More Equitable Food System

    Students Imagine a Student-Run Food Provider on Campus

    Students are campaigning for a more healthy and autonomous food system at Concordia. The contract for Aramark, Concordia’s current food provider, will be ending in 2020.

  • Provincial Debate on Student Issues Targets Free Education

    All But One Party, the Liberals, Promote Access to Free Education for Quebecers

    When talking about free education at Friday night’s debate, Liberal Party candidate David Birnbaum looked frustrated, stressing that free education is “totally unrealistic,” right before slamming his fist on the table.