Vote in the The Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations 2021 by-elections.

Make your voice heard. Graphic Carl Bindman

From November 30 - December 2 students will be voting to elect Member Association and ASFA executive positions.

Do you know who represents you in student politics? Learn more about candidates and their platform, where and how to vote. 

ASFA elections are approaching. ASFA is the largest faculty here at Concordia University, with over 16,000 students. With such a large and diverse range of people, we want to ensure that students are appropriately represented within their departments, and the large-scale association. ASFA encourages you to vote from Tuesday, Nov. 30 - Thursday, Dec. 2. 


Who's running:

Academic Coordinator 

Jordan L. Jerome-Pitre

Lily Charette

Mohammed Basel Hussein Qasem

Faysal Al Ghazal 


Student Life Coordinator 

Deeva Wazir

Samantha Forget

Scarlet Guy


Independent Councillor 

Tayif Ahmed 


Find out more about Member Association candidates here.


Where to vote

Be on the lookout for an email titled "ASFA and MA By-Elections 2021". This is where you will find out how and where to vote, with a link directing you to the polls. 


​​Who's Eligible to Vote

All students registered in an Arts and Science program.