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Mohammad Khan 

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Marilou Brickert

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Zachary Fortier 


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Autumn Darey

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Sophie Dufresne 

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Jaime Kerr

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Conor Tomalty

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Sandra Mouafo 

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Ivan De Jacquelin

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Aude Simon

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Myriam Ouazzani

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Mariana Chajon Oliveros 

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Adam Gibbard

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Administration and Advertising

Since 1980, The Link has been the most read independent publication on Concordia’s campuses and the areas surrounding the university. From 2017 to 2022, The Link operated as a monthly magazine. Today, we are excited to announce that The Link will be back in the "newspaper" format in the Fall 2022, on a bi-weekly basis. We will continue to produce a quality publication and serve our advertisers as we have since 1980. 

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