Contribute to The Link

Since 1980, ​The Link​ has been covering events and issues important to members of the Concordia and Montreal communities. We pride ourselves on being a learning space, and we’re always looking for new contributors from the Concordia community and beyond.

This page contains resources for those looking to get started.

First, be sure to sign up for our mailing lists! You will receive invitations to events, such as our weekly pitch meetings, and receive pitches from our editors on a regular basis. 

You can​ also ​reach out to any of our editors​ if you would like to learn more about contributing to ​The Link.

The Link has four sections to which you can contribute stories, photos, videos, and graphics: News, Fringe Arts, Sports, and Opinions.​ ​Contact section editors​ for guidelines on what they’re looking for.

The Link does not operate on a submissions basis—if you want to write a story or an opinion piece, contact the appropriate editor beforehand.


Ready to get started writing, taking photos, shooting video, or creating graphics? We have a variety of handbooks and workshop videos that can help you apply your skills to journalism at ​The Link​.

As always, ​contact us​ if you have any questions.