Editorial: Food connects

Culture, justice, health—everything, in some way, connects to food.

  • Podcasts offer the intimacy that journalism lacks

    Emotion are needed to tell stories genuinely

    A few months ago, I was making my bed while listening to the BBC’s Global News Podcast. A reporter began a story describing the effects of the pandemic in India. The numbers horrified me, but it was hard for me to truly understand what they represented.

  • Editorial: Students deserve better

    CSU by-election and town hall expose issues with Concordia’s handling of the pandemic

    The CSU’s by-election and town hall highlight weaknesses in Concordia’s handling of the pandemic

  • Editorial: Montreal wrong to spurn calls to defund the police

    City budget an insult after a summer spent demanding change

    Black people deserve more. Indigenous people deserve more. Trans people, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, People of Colour, sex workers, and immigrants deserve more. Lives are being lost, and Plante’s administration is funnelling millions of dollars into the pockets of the institution killing the people we’ve been demanding be protected.

  • Editorial: Beyond time for real change

    U.S. election reminds us the world’s radical problems demand radical solutions

    The U.S. election reminds us of the need to call out performative politics and demand transformational change.

  • Quarantine bangs? More like quarantine mullet

    How sporadically changing my hair keeps me sane

    Everything around me is up in the air, but I can still control my hair.

  • Editorial: Bookstore privatization can’t pass the test

    The Concordia Book Stop was effectively privatized this past June in a partnership deal with Follett, a U.S. company worth $2.7 billion according to its website. This speaks to an impulse that runs counter to what our institution should stand for.

  • A city untucked: Drag history in Montreal

    How the Montreal drag scene was formed

    Historically, Montrealers have embraced drag with open arms and hemorrhaging wallets.

  • When the dorms abruptly closed

    A first hand recount from an RA

    On March 16, 2020, three Concordia students and I, all resident assistants at the Loyola campus, huddled around an iPhone in the Buzz cafeteria. On the screen, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was addressing Canadians, and what he said left the four of us shocked.

  • Editorial: Still not a voice for the voiceless

    Being an advocacy publication means amplifying voices, not speaking for them.

  • Online classes are missing the point

    Halfway through the semester and I haven’t learned anything

    Someone recently asked me how I felt being halfway through the semester. I had to take a moment to process what they were talking about because there’s absolutely no way we’re midway through fall 2020. I’ve learned nothing.