Editorial: Mental Health, Inside and Out of Quarantine

Today was supposed to mark the release of our 40th volume’s final print edition—the Mental Health issue.

  • It’s Canada Day: Stop Celebrating

    Canada’s Continued Mistreatment of Indigenous Communities Must Be Addressed

    Instead of opening a cold one this Canada Day, take today to educate yourself on how you and the Canadian government continues to propel the colonization and mistreatment of Indigenous communities. Those who celebrate today will be making their apathy towards the well-being of Indigenous communities clear.

  • My Peaceful Morning Run Reflects Racial Injustice

    Ahmaud Arbery Was Murdered for Doing a Sport We Take for Granted

    Running is supposedly a sport that anyone can partake in as long as they have a pair of shoes right? After the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, the world was shown that along with those shoes, white privilege is needed to stay safe.

  • Your Silence Is Deafening

    Social Media Returning to Normal Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

    The murder of George Floyd sent a shock wave through the world, both in the streets and online. With social media trends like #BlackoutTuesday gaining popularity, so has performative activism. While your silence is deafening, so is your echoing.

  • Graduation (or Lack Thereof) in the Time of COVID-19

    My Admittedly Selfish Desire for Public Validation

    Maybe I just want to be validated to try and get out of my mental sludge, just to be told “Olivier, congratulations, you accomplished something actually pretty major with your life.”

  • Victim Blaming: Why Do We Still Do It?

    What Psychology Says About the Dark Tendency of Comment-Section Victim Blaming

    The fear of whether or not people will believe them and wondering how people will perceive and treat them contributes to survivors being hesitant to report and share their stories at all.

  • Don’t@Me: Jack Kerouac Sucks; Change My Mind

    Kerouac Is a Terrible Author Who Wrote Terrible Stories About Terrible People

    Whether or not the characters were reflective of the times, the story is riddled with the glorification of assholes.

  • Coronavirus: This Quarantine Is Class War

    A Beginner’s Guide to Class Struggle in the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Workers risking their lives to go serve people that are allowed to stay home is the very essence of class inequality.

  • Editorial: In Support of a Rent Strike

    Why Are Tenants Still Expected to Pay Rent Without Income?

    At a time when many are thrust into joblessness and financial precarity, renters are still expected to pay up like there isn’t a century-defining pandemic going on right now.

  • Editorial: Staying Ahead of the Disinformation Tidal Wave

    Now More Than Ever, Do Not Trust Everything You See Online

    It’s very easy to get lost in the deluge of information about anything even remotely related to the global pandemic.

  • Harvey Weinstein Got 23 Years for Only Some of His Sins

    It Only Took Far Too Many Testimonies

    The issue is that we live in a society where male success is more important than women’s lives.