Editorial: Forever Wars Make Forever Victims

The Tragedy of Flight 752 in Iran Is a By-Product of the Horrors of War

The delusion that the world’s eyes are secondary to those of the USA has precipitated chaos and heartache and runs much deeper than one rogue presidency.

  • Recognizing Eco-Fascist Rhetoric

    How Fascist Ideology Is Infiltrating Environmentalist Movements

    It isn’t just liberals and leftists care for the environment. In fact, many fascists, far-rightists, and even Nazis have ecology on their minds.

  • Don’t @ Me: We Get It, You’re Straight

    Saying “No Homo” or Any Variation Sounds Insecure and Reinforces Heteronormative Principles

    When men talk up their friends’ looks in an open and loving way, similar to how women do, it is seen as distasteful. That only reinforces the idea that men have to internalize everything and view everyone—even friends—with a hostile eye.

  • Kill the Myths, Not the Mood

    Sex Without Communication Is Not Good Sex

    If you’re having sex with someone, you should make sure that that person is happy, comfortable, and interested, which might mean asking for consent multiple times. It’s just as important, if not more so, to make sure that your partner is comfortable speaking up without your prompt.

  • Editorial: Pick Your Battles

    Multinational corporations have made it a business to suck this planet dry for a profit and have used every tactic in the book to deflect any adequate level of blame or consequence.

  • Sex Ed(itorial):  Pads and Tampons Are Trash

    Sustainable Menstrual Products Could Keep Millions of Pounds of Trash Out of Landfills

    When it comes to periods, the main focus for most menstruating individuals is finding a way to deal with them as quickly and discreetly as possible—with little regard to the potential impact on the environment. Large companies like Kimberly-Clark, which owns the Kotex brand, are capitalizing off of menstruation and reaping real profits as a result.

  • People’s History of Canada: The History of Deaf Communities in Canada

    The Importance of Recognizing and Preserving Signed Language

    Most people have heard of American Sign Language or Quebec Sign Language, but for centuries, Inuit Sign Language has been an important part of the Inuit linguistic landscape.

  • Dont@Me: Instagram Could Sell You Crap on a Plate

    Instagramability Does Not Equal Quality

    We can get away with posting, liking, and consuming food items solely based on their photogenic qualities by trusting people who we perceive as having good taste.
    The post no longer has to be about the quality of the product or the experience.

  • Educator Shows Off Ego Complex by Wasting Class Time

    Lecturer Heard Blabbering About Being Professor, Not Teacher

    Following an explanation of how he is a successful man who has done a lot of research, Jass spent 10 minutes talking about how frustrated he is with his students’ word choices.

  • Editorial: Free Public Transportation Is an Achievable and Worthy Investment

    Climate Change Only One of Many Reasons to Prioritize Transit

    We should not fear investing in a better world.

  • Editorial: The CAQ’s Policies Don’t Just Attract Hate Groups—They Normalize Them

    Alt-Right Counter-Protesters at Friday’s Demonstration Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    It shouldn’t be normal for hate groups to show up in broad daylight and defend the government by yelling at students and People of Colour.