Fringe Arts

Curating the Art Matters Festival

A Look at What Goes Into the Concordia Undergrad Art Festival

Art Matters, a Concordia-based festival that started in 2000, is a culmination of undergrad effort to organize several unique exhibitions throughout Montreal. Planning for the festival starts months in advance. A team of people from the artistic community, including Dean of Fine Arts Rebecca Duclos, selected this year’s student curators in October 2016,

  • A Celebration of Indigenous Artists

    MAI to Host Tenth Editions of Indigenous Arts Showcase, Eclectik

    Kramer, a first-time curator and Concordia graduate, organized the evening to showcase a wide range of Indigenous perspectives. The festival will feature predominantly performance art, but will also include music, visual art and short film screenings. Most of the artists are based in Montreal.
    “My background is more in contemporary dance so I wanted to bridge these mediums,” Kramer explained. With a variety of artists from different backgrounds, Kramer said that the work represents Canadian history from an Indigenous point of view.

  • Of Jagermeister and Root Beer: Igloofest Is Back

    11th Edition of the Electronic Music Festival Kicks Off on Thursday

    Montreal winter is intense. The shrill cold can make you forget your humanity. t’s a season when going out on the weekend meant scrupulous calculations of the time exposed to the unforgiving wind between Mont-Royal metro and the doors of the bar.
    But that was then, and this is now. Now, we have Igloofest.

  • The Abstract of Love

    Upcoming Art Show, “Abstract Women” Puts the Focus on Self-Love and Empowerment

    While feminism is a prominent subject in artist Alexa-Milena Piqué‘s art, she invites people of all identities and backgrounds to consider the universal messages it presents.

  • Floating Through Thanya Iyer’s Dreamy Musical World

    Montreal-Based Musician Talks Band Stuff, Being a Student and Balancing the Things She Loves

    Bouncing in and out of each other’s lives since young-adulthood, the band has created a beautiful, intricate web of friendship and collaborative musical effort.

  • The Myth of a Venue that Never Died

    A Look into the Rich History of Spectrum de Montreal

    For many past concertgoers, the ticket stub would bring back a flood of memories. Le Spectrum offered not only a musical experience, but lent itself as a space to establish a closer bond between musicians and the audience, explained Chayer, who recalled a fond memory of when he saw The Smashing Pumpkins perform.

  • Ms. Teri’s Solo Exhibit Opens

    Rococorrosive Explores Battling Mediums, Styles, and Colours

    As I stepped into the vast gallery for the first time, I was welcomed by mellow, old school hip-hop and R&B tunes, coupled with a chill vibe. At the back of the open hall, a small, secluded room hosted Ms. Teri’s own imaginary world.

  • The Steps to Making a Mural

    Hip-Hop and Street Art: A New Outreach Program from Prevention NDG

    Walking through NDG, there is no shortage of graffiti. For many years, tags have been a nuisance to home and business owners alike, with spray paint left caked onto walls at nearly every street corner.
    However, Prevention NDG has been trying to rectify this. Working alongside A’shop, they’ve been turning those street-corner eyesores into beautiful murals.

  • Café Coop Empowers People Struggling with Mental Health Through Art and Performance

    Community Organization Promotes Safe Space and Community Feeling

    The events held at the Wellington Centre in Verdun have a unique ambiance that performers and observers can enjoy together. Dimly lit, the vibe is warm and welcoming. Participants are encouraged to munch on finger food and share family recipes before the show starts. The performers are welcomed on and off stage with applause regardless of experience or expertise.

  • Concordia Students Compete in Le Sommet d’Animation Montreal

    Quebec’s Animation Film Festival Kicks Off Nov. 23

    “Animation is broad—it’s not just for children,” said Lori Malépart-Traversy.

  • Poems of the Week

    Thoughts into Stanza

    A curated selection of poems.