Fringe Arts

Meet The Barrel Heads

DIY Rock and Roll Band Talks Dropping Acid and Life in the Underground

Punks and hipsters from across the city gathered at Le Divan Orange to warm up, have a few drinks, and dance to escape the January cold.

  • Pressing Alt the Right Keys

    A Night with the Concordia Laptop Orchestra

    The Concordia Laptop Orchestra just recently put on a show and are revving for another one coming up next month.

  • Crafting Her Own Life

    Cedar-Eve Peters Lives the Self-Supporting Dream

    Montreal based artist Cedar-Eve Peters is a regular at the weekly Concordia Farmers’ Markets.

  • One Comic At a Time

    Sophie Labelle Reflects on Her Career So Far and the Road Ahead

    “The media was not conveying the right messages about trans bodies—especially for children”

  • Decyphering Hip-Hop and Soul at Le Cypher

    With Weekly Jam Sessions, Artists Both Experienced and Inexperienced Share the Stage

    “Like with any music, it’s one thing to practice but it’s another to play. You’ve got to play, especially in the hip-hop vein, because not enough emphasis is placed on musicianship and rapping with a band.”

  • Back Onstage and it Feels Great

    A Review of Local Rock Band NAVIR

    After being on hiatus for a bit of time, Montreal-based rock band NAVIR is back, and with a strong performance that was almost like they had never left.

  • Breaking Down Barriers and Creating a Safe Space in Print

    Feminist Propaganda Zine Release Show

    Artist Kayla Brooke has recently released her self-published zine, Feminist Propaganda!

  • The Link’s Top Picks From Art Matters 2017

    Student-Curated Festival Offers Up Variety of Thematic Shows

    Vernissages and shows will be taking place over the next few weeks, giving everyone a chance to check out the student-curated shows in their own time. For this year’s edition of the festival viewers will have the unique opportunity to experience performances, video and audio installations, sculptural pieces, photo series and, of course, artwork through traditional mediums like painting and drawing.

  • Poems of the Week

    On the Topic of “Home”

    A selection of poetic works from us to you.

  • Artist Panel Explores Mobility and More

    Answering the Questions We’re Too Afraid to Ask

    Many artists are left with this thought when their time as undergrads has finished. You might be at the end of your rope. Pining for a secure job doing what you love; your vision doesn’t include waiting tables or bagging groceries, but you need some sort of income to keep creating.

  • Releasing Stigma One Song At a Time

    Montreal Band Pin Up to Release Second EP

    Pin Up band members Samantha Martel and Collin Steinz talk about their upcoming EP, “End of the Night,” and what exactly the motivation behind their music is.