Fringe Arts

Ms. Teri’s Solo Exhibit Opens

Rococorrosive Explores Battling Mediums, Styles, and Colours

As I stepped into the vast gallery for the first time, I was welcomed by mellow, old school hip-hop and R&B tunes, coupled with a chill vibe. At the back of the open hall, a small, secluded room hosted Ms. Teri’s own imaginary world.

  • The Myth of a Venue that Never Died

    A Look into the Rich History of Spectrum de Montreal

    For many past concertgoers, the ticket stub would bring back a flood of memories. Le Spectrum offered not only a musical experience, but lent itself as a space to establish a closer bond between musicians and the audience, explained Chayer, who recalled a fond memory of when he saw The Smashing Pumpkins perform.

  • The Steps to Making a Mural

    Hip-Hop and Street Art: A New Outreach Program from Prevention NDG

    Walking through NDG, there is no shortage of graffiti. For many years, tags have been a nuisance to home and business owners alike, with spray paint left caked onto walls at nearly every street corner.
    However, Prevention NDG has been trying to rectify this. Working alongside A’shop, they’ve been turning those street-corner eyesores into beautiful murals.

  • Café Coop Empowers People Struggling with Mental Health Through Art and Performance

    Community Organization Promotes Safe Space and Community Feeling

    The events held at the Wellington Centre in Verdun have a unique ambiance that performers and observers can enjoy together. Dimly lit, the vibe is warm and welcoming. Participants are encouraged to munch on finger food and share family recipes before the show starts. The performers are welcomed on and off stage with applause regardless of experience or expertise.

  • Concordia Students Compete in Le Sommet d’Animation Montreal

    Quebec’s Animation Film Festival Kicks Off Nov. 23

    “Animation is broad—it’s not just for children,” said Lori Malépart-Traversy.

  • Poems of the Week

    Thoughts into Stanza

    A curated selection of poems.

  • Metatron Community Mourns Leonard Cohen

    A Poetic Night of Grieving and Support

    Artists at the Metatron fall catalogue launch pay homage to the late Leonard Cohen, who had such an impact on their work.

  • Welcome to the Zine Scene

    Expozine Gives Artists the Exposure

    “We can’t just go on forever in the basements of crumbling churches,” Rastelli stated, jerking his head towards a floor full of artists.

  • Playing in a Decolonized World

    Tabletop Game Ehdrigohr Headlines Concordia’s Second Future Imaginaries Lecture

    “It is about struggling with being who you are, despite the big things going on around you,” said Turner.

  • Emo Night MTL: A Testimony

    How a Non-Former Emo Had a Great Time at an Emo Event

    It’s both a music genre and a subculture, and is generally associated with celebrating and accepting sadness. As one former emo kid told me at TRH bar, “It was a lifestyle.”

  • A Lesson in Anti-Austerity

    Interactive Play Seeks to Inform Community About Anti-Austerity Measures

    Increased budget cuts throughout the city of Montreal’s infrastructure have affected education, public health, and the environment in dramatic ways. And we’re not talking about a few grand here and there.