Updated: Downtown Concordia Library Closed Two Days During Reading Week

Renovations Ahead of Schedule According to the University Librarian

The Webster Library on Concordia University’s downtown campus will be closed for two days during reading week to make way for renovations.

  • #ASFOut Put on Hold as PSSA Could Not Maintain Quorum

    Discussion to Continue At Next Political Science General Assembly

    The Political Science Student Association has to wait another month to see if they can ask students whether or not they want to leave the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations.

  • Montreal Universities Keep Philosophy Alive At PhiloPolis

    A Recap of Ideas Old and New at Student Symposium

    Often left to grapple with the cadavers of academia, philosophy students, professors, and enthusiasts alike gathered to prove that the heart of the discipline is still alive and beating.

  • The Future of Montreal’s Housing Is in Its Past

    Concordia and McGill Students Are Aiming to Build a Socially Sustainable Home

    In the dusty back room of the workshop of McGill University’s School of Architecture, a team of Concordia and McGill students are trying to build the row house’s future.

  • Bringing LGBTQ Authors Out of the Darkness

    Meet the Concordia Library’s First Researcher in Residence

    Among the numerous special literature collections that the Concordia libraries offer, hidden and preserved away from the spotlight, sits a pile of treasures with no names attached to them. The names of authors of these writings have been kept in the dark for many years.

  • À Nous la Malting

    Community Groups Organize to Save the Canada Malting Factory

    Fred Burrill, an anti-gentrification organizer and PhD student at Concordia, explained that at the workshop on Feb.10, a new neighbourhood committee—tentatively titled À nous la malting—was formed and they will be meeting in the coming weeks to develop a vision for the site.

  • Ending the Stigma on Queer Black People and AIDS

    American Professor Marlon M. Bailey Gives a Reminder to Humanize

    On Thursday evening, all eyes were on Marlon M. Bailey as he put on a performance narrating the lives of five queer Black people suffering from HIV/AIDS based off his previous research.

  • ASFA Reopens Communication With The Link

    Also Discussed: Filming At Meetings and Leaked Screenshots

    The Arts and Science Federation of Association has reversed its decision to stop communication with The Link Newspaper.

  • CASA Elections on the Horizon

    Meet CASA’s Presidential Candidates

    The voting period for the general elections of the Commerce and Administration Students Association will run from Feb. 13 to 17.

  • New Online Voting System to Be Used in a Limited Capacity for CASA Elections

    Students That Would Unavailable to Vote In Person, Will Use My Vote System

    After testing the “My Vote” system within MyConcordia, the CASA Board of Directors held an emergency meeting on Jan. 30 to decide if they would use the system for the elections.

  • CSU Supports MSA’s Bid to Keep Their Space

    Plus: Winter Orientation Has Major Surplus

    The Concordia Student Union passed a motion standing in solidarity with the Muslim Student Association to retain their space on the seventh floor of the Hall building during their council meeting on Wednesday night.