Concordia Engineering Students Utilize an Ongoing Network of Information to Succeed

Problems Within the Program Lead Students to Share Past Assignments, Quizzes and Exams in Order to Succeed

For students within the Gina Cody School of Engineering, sharing past exams, quizzes and assignments is their best way at securing a high GPA. Some do not attend classes, and instead use outside tutoring sources, as they feel it is more beneficial. Some students feel their professors are more focused on research at the university, instead of prioritizing the success of their students.

  • Independent Jewish Voices Concordia Releases Letter Condemning CSU Councillor

    Activists Condemn James Hanna for Quoting Neo-Nazi

    Independent Jewish Voices Concordia, a Jewish organization supporting Palestine, released an open letter, signed off by Hillel Concordia on Wednesday condemning Concordia Student Union councillor James Hanna for quoting a neo-nazi.

  • Concordia Retracts Over $103,000 from CSU, Union in Deficit

    CSU Finance Coordinator Recommends Fee-Levy Restructuring

    According to their recent 2017-2018 audited financial statement, the Concordia Student Union’s cash flow is tightening. The CSU’s Finance Coordinator John Hutton said that if the CSU continues its current spending habit, the union will run dry by next summer.

  • ASFA Councillor Appointed as Election CEO Ahead of By-Elections

    Executives Again Propose Fee-Levy Increase

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations by-elections begin at the end of the month and the position of Chief Electoral Officer had yet to be filled. On Thursdays regular meeting, ASFA council opted to vote a councillor on an interim basis until the role can be permanently filled by someone not on council.

  • Concordia Pledges More Services For Students’ Mental Health

    School to Address In-House Services Over Next Five Years, After Health and Wellness Report Recommendations

    Last fall Concordia president Alan Shepard commissioned a report in the school’s health and wellness services, in response to the increase in number of students seeking mental and physical health services. The report, which has recently been published, outlines various areas Concordia needs to improve on to help support their students.

  • When Will The Sikh Community Have Their Own #MeToo Movement?

    Kaur Siblings Work Together to Prevent Sexual Violence and Support Survivors

    Founded in 2006 by African-American civil rights activist Tarana Burke, the #MeToo movement has served survivors of sexual violence–and particularly young women of colour–talk about their experiences with sexual violence.

  • Vigil for Nicholas Gibbs Calls for More Police Accountability

    Family Suing City for Moral and Punitive Damages

    It was a warm fall day, yellow leaves coloured the floor below as mourners gathered in Trenholme Park in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce to pay their respects to Nicholas Gibbs.

  • Genetic Discrimination: A Reality for Both Residents and Immigrants

    Genetic Tests Used by Both Insurers and Immigration Officers

    Genetic discrimination involves insurance companies refusing to insure those that have genetic mutations. This also applies to employers, schools, and many other third-parties, who can inflict unjust treatment on people because of genetic tests. The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act became law in Canada on May 4, 2017. However, Quebec’s government challenged the constitutionality of the act, stating it infringes on insurance regulations, which is a provincial jurisdiction. It was referred to Quebec’s Court of Appeal. The verdict on the law’s constitutionality will be known on Dec. 12.

  • The Controversial Topic of Free Education

    Weighing Both Sides of the Spectrum of How Free Education Can Be Obtainable

    Free education has been an important conversation within Quebec, especially gaining traction since the Maple Spring protests. Co-spokesperson of Quebec Solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who fought for free education during the 2012 protests, has continued his fight within the realm of provincial politics. The topic of free education has been a controversial one, with not everyone in agreement.

  • Toxic Masculinity Workshop Picks Apart the Roots of Patriarchy

    How Arno Pedram’s Workshops Aim to Help Men and Masculine People Discover Their Masculinity

    McGill Student Arno Pedram is working to smash the patriarchy one workshop at a time.

  • Concordia Hosts Sexual Misconduct and Violence Consultations, In Preparation for Bill 151

    Consultations Invites Students to Voice Their Opinion on Campus Sexual Violence Policies

    Concordia University will be hosting public consultations, to voice their opinion and concerns regarding sexual misconduct and sexual violence. They’re inviting the community to find out more about the work of school’s permanent committee on sexual misconduct and sexual violence.