About Us

The Link is an independent, student-run, not-for-profit multi-media publication at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec.

The Link aims to publish stories not usually covered by mainstream media, with a focus on advocacy journalism. Contributors cover stories about student life, as well as local, national and international issues of interest to the Concordia and Montréal communities.

The Link is a progressive entity with a staff that believes in tolerance and promotes a positive message of diversity and equality. The Link has a tradition of advocating for people and groups who are marginalized, oppressed, voiceless or simply rendered invisible because of the nature of their situation. There has long been a commitment to sharing stories that might not otherwise be told publicly.

The Link is a learning space. Everyone is a volunteer who learned what they know about the publication and its practices from another volunteer and everyone has a responsibility to pass along their knowledge. The Link is a venue for writers, photographers, designers and artists to hone their skills and gain experience by working with the organization’s staff.

Contributors to The Link can expect to pursue their work in a safe and civil environment. There is no tolerance for any form of discrimination; including, but not limited to racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism or xenophobia.