CSU Councillor Resigns for Undisclosed Reason

This Marks the Second Resignation of a CSU Councillor This Year

  • This is the second resignation since CSU mandates commenced on June 1, 2018. Stock Photo Nikolas Litzenberger

A Concordia Student Union councillor has resigned this week due to personal reasons.

“Honestly, I left due to personal reasons, and would rather not discuss it,” former CSU councillor Alex Karasick told The Link.

The Link has not been informed of the exact date of resignation, however, CSU general coordinator Sophie Hough-Martin said the resignation was more than a few weeks ago.

“A councillor resigned, none of the executives were informed about anything related to it except that it had happened. It’s not my place to speculate publicly about it,” said Hough-Martin.

“I am unclear on what sort of situation this could be, as the most I have been told about it was that it occurred, and it’s not really my place to speculate on the wide variety of personal, professional, and academic reasons someone might feel for lightening their workload by resigning from a commitment like sitting on CSU Council,” said Hough-Martin.

Hough-Martin said this is the second resignation since their mandates began June 1. According to her, JMSB councillor Wan-Li Gibson resigned shortly after their mandate began due to no longer wanting the position.

Both CSU Finance Coordinator John Hutton and Internal Affairs Coordinator Princess Somefun said they couldn’t comment on the situation.

With files from Erika Morris.

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