Laura Beeston

  • Who Runs the World?

    International Day of the Girl Just Isn’t Radical Enough

    Last year, the United Nations got together to adopt a resolution that International Day of the Girl would forevermore be observed on Oct. 11 to raise awareness of the situation of girls around the world.

  • Rona: Doing It Wrong

    The Vote of Conscience and the Status of Women in Canada

    The year may be 2012, but an abortion debate in this country seems far from over.

  • Let’s Get Growing

    PQ Landscaping and the Future of Anglos in the Quebec Garden

    They told me it would be like this, but I didn’t believe them.

  • Budget Coverage Slanted Penny-Wise

    As the Conservative budget came down last week, the media was aflutter with the numeric details as they emerged.

  • The Student Stalemate

    Ministry Mum About the Future

    Before last night, Line Beauchamp was arguably the most sought after interview in the province of Quebec.

  • Another Petition, Another GA

    Students to Vote on Extending Strike, Minimum Agreement

    It’s back to the assembly for Concordia students next week.

  • Violence Breeds Violence

    Anti-Police Brutality Day Plotline Plays Out Predictably

    It’s pretty clear that this year’s Anti-Police Brutality demonstration on March 15 was absolutely brutal, and will go down in the books as one of the most needlessly aggressive protests many of our reporters have ever witnessed.

  • Shut ‘Er Down

    Concordia University to Close for March 22 Day of Action

    Concordia University announced it will be shutting down on March 22 for the province-wide protest against the increasing tuition fees.

  • Editorial

    A ‘Strike’ Is What You Make It

    We’ve learned the hard way this week that democracy is no guarantee, even when everybody wants it.
    We could dwell on a General Assembly marred with logistical failures and short attention spans, but to do so would be counter-productive at this point. It’s done; and we are in the middle of something big.

  • (Another) Two Million Dollar Story

    Fine From Ministry Must Be Paid By The Board

    It’s extremely important that everyone in the Concordia community know that the incompetence of our Board of Governors, the highest body in power at our school, has screwed students and faculty over once again, this time to the tune of two million dollars.

  • The Many Shades of Strike

    ‘False Division’ on Campus

    At the controversial Concordia Student Union General Assembly on March 7, two things happened: a minority of undergraduate students voted to strike against increasing tuition fees, and an anti-strike movement was born.

  • Students Unite Against a Strike

    “No” Campaign Goes Public in Wake of CSU GA

    After the controversial Concordia Student Union general assembly on March 7, two things happened: a minority of undergraduate students voted to go on a five-day strike, and the anti-strike movement began.

  • WSSA to Strike a Second Week

    Institute Sends Ministry of Education Invitation for Debate

    The Women’s Studies Student Association held a second General Assembly March 9 and unanimously voted to extend their strike mandate to March 23.

  • #CSU12 Debate

    A Better Concordia vs. Concordia Could Be

    After an extremely tame poster night by Concordia Student Union election standards, executive hopefuls from both A Better Concordia and Concordia Could Be held a debate Thursday and made their platforms public.

  • Profs and Picketing

    First Strike Day Sees Cancelled Classes, Partial Compromise

    With six student-run faculty associations (and counting) officially adopting strike mandates on tuition increases following General Assemblies last week, the boycotting of classes at Concordia has officially begun.

  • Let the Strikes Begin

    Departmental Associations Vote on Strike Mandates

    Thousands of Concordia students will be hitting the polls in the coming days to vote on whether to strike against rising tuition fees.

  • Grassroot General Assemblies

    Departments and Faculties to Meet on Strike Mandate

    Throughout the week, general assemblies and meetings of nearly a dozen student associations will be taking place to discuss strike mandates against tuition increases.

  • ASFA CEO Resigns on First Day of General Election Polling

    Before polls opened on Feb. 15, the first day of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations general election, Chief Electoral Officer Christopher Webster announced his resignation.

  • Perverse Pleasures

    Queer Sex, Kink & Love

    Fetish, kink, freak—whatever you call it, and whatever you feel about it—is actually everywhere. Permeating our physical bodies, punctuating our pleasures and playing a real part in the power dynamics all around us, kinkiness remains

  • What’s to Come

    You might have been shocked by our cover.

    You might have also asked yourself, is this how The Link actually sees queer identity?