ASFA CEO Resigns on First Day of General Election Polling

Before polls opened on Feb. 15, the first day of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations general election, Chief Electoral Officer Christopher Webster announced his resignation.

“Honestly, it’s ridiculous. We’re in the home stretch,” said ASFA President Alex Gordon, who cleared up rumours that he was the one resigning after some misinformation hit Twitter earlier in the day.

“The campaigning and nomination periods are over, the schedule for polling clerks is made, everything was so close to being done.

“I haven’t gotten the full story, but there must be other issues going on,” he said.

As per the federation’s bylaws, in the case of an extreme situation like this, the executive and electoral committee step in to oversee and administer the election.

Gordon and ASFA VP Internal Schubert Laforest are currently running the elections.

Webster could not be reached for comment. More to come.