Julian Ward

  • Anarchy in the Streets

    Rocks were thrown. Windows were smashed. Flash-bang grenades were launched. And the age-old battle of police versus protesters continued on March 15, as the annual Anti-Police Brutality March ended as it so often does: in mass arrests.

  • A Predictably Violent Anti-Brutality Protest

    Approximately 1,200 protesters marched through downtown Montreal for the annual Anti-Police-Brutality protest, which, as usual, erupted into violence shortly after starting.

  • What Are Your Rights During a Strike?

    So, you’re on strike. Do you know what your rights are? The Link sat down with Student Advocacy Centre representative Andy Filipowich to find out about your rights during a strike.

  • ConU Continues In Face of Striking Students

    Concordia’s administration has taken an official position to continue to provide services as normal in the face of a massive student strike, which as of March 15 will technically include all Concordia students.

  • UQAM Students Occupy School and Street

    Day-long Protest Ends—Yet Again—With Riot Cops

    Students at L’Université du Québec à Montréal spent March 12 partying and peacefully occupying a campus building and the street outside after their administration locked down a number of other campus buildings.

  • This Week in Protests

    Several Rallies Result in Violence

    March 7 and 8 were busy days for protesters, as the causes of tuition, police brutality, and women’s rights were all represented in four different events within 24 hours.

  • Riot Cops End Student Vigil

    Protesters Gather After Student Hit by Stun Grenade

    A student vigil was violently broken up by riot cops near Berri-UQAM the night of March 7.

  • Student Tuition Protest Ends in Violence

    Riot Police Stop Attempted Occupation of CREPUQ Offices, Student May Lose Eye

    A large impromptu student protest against tuition hikes moved through Montreal’s busy downtown streets March 8.

  • CSU & GSA to Vote on Strike

    Controversy Surrounds General Assembly Format

    Months of protests, information sessions, Facebook arguments and efforts at mobilizing tens of thousands of students will come to a head this week as the Concordia Student Union and the Graduate Students’ Association will both decide on whether or not to strike.

  • Students Occupy Atrium of Webster Library

    Activists Step Up Campaign Against Hikes

    Students have set up camp in the atrium of the Webster library for the week of Feb. 27 to rally the troops in the lead up to a potential strike at the end of March.

  • Rub-a-Dub-Dub We Studs in a Tub

    Bathhouses Still Steamy in 2012

    Tall, athletic, handsome, an easy fit for the ‘jock’ label when it comes to gay subcategories, 21-year-old Concordia student “Connor” visits Sauna Oasis in the gay village every couple of weeks with his boyfriend, also a university student.

  • To Grindr / Not to Grindr

    A Back-and-Forth About a Homo-App

    People have long dreamt of having a better, more technological means of picking up than awkwardly approaching someone in a bar.

  • What’s to Come

    You might have been shocked by our cover.

    You might have also asked yourself, is this how The Link actually sees queer identity?

  • Highlights From The Feb. 8 CSU Council Meeting

    The Simone de Beauvoir Institute is set to vote on Feb. 29 to go on strike against the impending tuition increases. The SDBI is the first department association at Concordia to rally enough support in their department against fee-hikes to actually set a strike-vote day. During the meeting, all sexuality studies or gender studies students working to attain a certificate, a major or a minor from the institute were encouraged to vote on Feb. 29.

  • Bigger Is Better?

    Protesters Expand Focus of Tuition Fight

    Yelling, “Fuck the police!,” and, “Don’t fuck with our education!,” a group of radical anti-tuition protesters made their way through Montreal’s downtown campuses on Feb. 2.

  • ConU Board Under the Microscope

    Next BoG Meeting to Be Filmed by Student Gov., Protesters

    In the wake of Concordia’s Board of Governors’ refusal to broadcast its own meetings, student-governor A.J. West decided to take matters into his own hands—quite literally.

  • Gag Order

    Why Activists Shouldn’t Engage in Self-Censorship

    The student-led movement against tuition hikes in Quebec is set to take a turn that is both hypocritical and quasi-fascist.

  • HIV+ First Nations Peoples Encouraged to Tell Their Story

    ConU Lecture Series Continues with Prominent Activist

    Members of the Aboriginal community living with HIV and AIDS need to speak up and share their stories in order to gain strength and persevere, was the message delivered to Concordia students last week.

  • Tenants Go Fish at the Rental Board

    Rights Group Demands Shorter Wait Time for Hearings

    Angry tenants went fishing today at the Régie de logement office in Montreal in hopes of catching a break from the province.

  • Highlights from the CSU Council Meeting

    Petition Against Gill and Filming the BoG Among Points Discussed

    A petition and website launched by Tomer Shavit in an effort to impeach Concordia Student Union President Lex Gill was dismissed out of hand by councillors and executives as “unnecessary and a waste of time.”