Colin Harris

  • Caribou Plays The Sentimental DJ

    Dan Snaith Finds His Voice on the Lush, Dancey Our Love LP

    Accessibility is a tough art to master. Writing music with universal appeal can come off as pandering, or just outright bland.

  • CROSSS Hones New Crafts

    Andy March is a Closet Inventor with a Love for His Record Lathe

    The mystic indie metal of CROSSS is coming to Montreal before taking its new form in Toronto at the end of the year.
    Originally from Halifax, singer and guitarist Andy March credits his interest in things spiritual in part to his time at a Shambhala Buddhist high school.

  • Under the Microscope with Nick Zammuto

    After a Decade with The Books, He Feels like He’s in a Real Band for the First Time

    “I can’t repeat myself. It makes me ill if I feel like I’m doing the same thing I’ve done before.”

  • Finding Inspiration with Chad VanGaalen

    Calgary Artist’s “Country Record” May Be His Best Yet

    Chad’s home studio in Calgary is his playground and his laboratory, and the kind of creative space he always dreamed his kids would have.

  • Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Question is About More than Voting

    Accountability, Outreach and Opt-Out Process Motivate ‘Yes’ Campaign

    The “yes” campaign is arguing that a majority of Concordia undergrads deciding at the polls what groups all students automatically pay into has led these groups to focus on arts and sciences students. They want votes to be counted on a per-faculty basis instead.

  • A Film Noir Disco Fantasy

    Jef Barbara Headlines Fundraiser for the Plateau’s Favourite Robot

    Fame and fortune sounds just fine to Jef Barbara, he’s just not in a rush to get there.

  • CSU Judicial Board Upholds Per-Faculty Fee Levy Question

    Referendum on Funding for Independent Student Groups to Appear on the Ballot

    The Concordia Student Union Judicial Board has approved a modified version of a referendum question passed by CSU council asking undergrads if they want fee-levy group…

  • #CSU2014: Meet your Executive Candidates

    Three Slates, Four Presidential Candidates Campaigning

    Last year’s election was a “no contest” but this year’s Concordia Student Union elections are gearing up to be a free-for-all—or is it more of a team battle?

  • Response to ‘An Unfair Critique’

    We must always be cognizant of the different ways our words can be read.

  • Math Error Prevents Fee-Levy Opt-Out Question From Getting on the Ballot

    Hearing for Validity of Per-Faculty Fee Levies on Friday

    Twenty-nine cents have gotten in the way of a petition for all business students to stop funding six fee-levy groups.

  • Congress Is in Session

    New Concordia Student Congress Seeks to Do Politics Differently

    As the university community consists of some 35,000 undergrads in dozens of departments, within four faculties and on two campuses, sharing ideas with the entire Concordia student body is no easy task.

  • Business Students Want Some Change

    Petitions to Opt-Out of Six Fee Levy Groups, Change Voting Procedure Presented to Council

    Business students are looking to opt-out from six fee levy groups en masse, and to change how new groups get their funding.

  • Towards a Greener Concordia

    Reports Assess Concordia’s Sustainability

    At an institution as big as Concordia, in order to be truly “sustainable,” long-term efforts must come from all corners of the university.

  • Two Tenants of St. Cathy’s Taking Legal Action After Eviction

    Residents Complain of Unfinished Rooms and Unresponsive Management

    When Gabriella Wilsker was looking for a place to live for her first year of university, St. Cathy’s student residence seemed like the perfect solution.

  • Boots Riley Talks Optimism, Occupy and Revolution

    With an immaculate afro and razor-sharp sideburns, Boots Riley looks like a Black Panther frozen in time, or a long-lost member of Sly and the Family Stone. But the lifelong activist and musician’s politics are only looking forward, ever searching for the path to revolution.

  • Searching for that Golden Internship

    The plight of the unpaid intern has been well-documented, having to fight for measly, unpaid hours to get some all-important exposure. From finance to fashion, the ubiquitous “non-remunerated position” (a nice way of saying “we’ll pay you in coffee and experience”) has been spotted even for luxury hotel busboy positions.

  • The Case for an Independent Montreal

    Montréal: City-State Foundation Seeks to Turn Montreal into Entrepreneur Haven

    The idea of turning Montreal into a “city-state” was pitched to an audience of about 30 in the School of Community and Public Affairs basement on Jan. 29.

  • Nah’msayin?

    All Aboard the Dream Shuttle

    I’m considering abandoning my lease, or at least registering for eConcordia and contently doing all my class hours aboard this dream vessel.

  • Hardcore Heresy

    The Latest from Crusades Pushes the Limits of Punk

    The biggest difference between a black metal record and the latest from anthemic anti-Christian punk band Crusades is that only one compels you to sing along.

  • Programmed to Learn

    Kids Code Jeunesse Teaches Computation Literacy to Elementary School Children

    With an ever-growing number of eyes glued to screens and a seemingly ubiquitous Internet connection, no one can deny the impact computer technology is having on our daily lives.