Laura Beeston

  • Lowy and Lex: In Full

    “Not all of the problems can be resolved, not even with the best intentions.”

  • Talking With Presidents III

    Lex & Lowy Discuss BoG, Strikes and R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    “There is friction. You might be in a better position than I to say where the friction originates.”

  • The Man Pill

    What Happens When Male Contraceptives Catch Up?

    I have a serious question for the males out there who could, theoretically, impregnate their sexual partners: How many of you would actually take a shot to the scrotum, or an ultrasound to the nuts, in order to assume contraceptive control of your sexual relationship?

  • Editorial

    The Art of Grandstanding

    I’m not quite sure who brought it up, but there’s a concept from the Student Council meeting last Wednesday that really stuck with me.

  • Petition Against CSU President on Hold

    Agreement to Reconcile Differences Embraced by All Parties

    “We discussed it [and decided] the best course of action was to have a conversation and really lay it on the table, share our grievances and ask our questions,” said Arts and Science Federation of Associations President Alex Gordon, who co-organized the petition with former CSU councillor Tomer Shavit and Commerce and Administration Students’ Association President Marianna Luciano.

  • Female Media, Fully Clothed

    Panel Discussion Takes Aim at Lack of Women in Media

    Another study from McMaster University found men were writing 90 per cent of all commentary on politics, national affairs and economics in 2009.

  • Petition to Impeach CSU President Circulating

    Website Takes Aim at Lex Gill

    A petition launched on Jan. 25 with the goal of impeaching Concordia Student Union President Lex Gill was discussed before a motion of confidence in Gill and the executive was passed unanimously.

  • GOPen Marriage

    Newt Gingrich and the Continuing Crusade to Ruin Free Love

    It’s really unfortunate that Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has suddenly become the gross, 68-year-old poster boy for open marriage.

  • J-School Professor Dies

    Concordia broadcast professor Ross “Coach” Perigoe died from a brain tumor on Tuesday night. Teaching in Concordia’s journalism department for over 25 years, Perigoe also had a lengthy and active journalism career.

  • Metro Reno

    The St. Mathieu St. entrance to Guy-Concordia Metro is slated for an overhaul and will undergo renovations between March to August, according to a Concordia University announcement made on Dec. 19.

  • SFU Settles With CFS

    Out-of-Court Agreement May Have Implications for CSU

    Over the winter break, Simon Fraser University’s student union officially left the Canadian Federation of Students after a lengthy legal dispute.

  • ConU’s First Rector Dies

    Concordia University’s first rector, John O’Brien, passed away at the age of 80 on Dec. 16. O’Brien, who started his career at Sir George Williams University in 1954 as an economics lecturer, became an associate professor in 1961 and was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts in 1963.

  • Dances With Warehouses

    Montreal Choreographer Brings Winter to Life With Janvier

    The start of this calendar year has a special significance for Montreal-based choreographer Tedi Tafel, who brings Janvier to wintry life in an old railway building.

  • Apocalypse Now?

    Journalist Gwynne Dyer Talks Climate Change at Concordia

    Grizzled international affairs journalist Gwynne Dyer was the first speaker brought in by the Concordia Student Union this year. Before captivating an unfortunately mostly-empty auditorium in the MB Building Dec. 5, Dyer briefly sat down with The Link to talk climate change.

  • French or Be Frenched

    Discourse Surrounding Language Debate Needs to Change

    Let me preface this article by explicitly stating that the only reason I moved to Montreal was to learn French. If I were smart, I probably would have transplanted myself somewhere like Tadoussac where Anglos are like aliens, making up less that two per cent of the population. In Montreal, however, Statistics Canada suggests that just over half of the 1.6 million people here are bilingual, and 18.5 per cent of us are Anglos.

  • Access to ConU Info

    Whether it’s media-shy sources, public relations spokespeople giving canned answers or the less-than-media-friendly local, provincial and federal governments, journalists often find themselves searching for answers.

  • Covering Cops

    Crime Beat Reporter David Goldberg Opens Up on Access

    “If you really upset the cops, they may never speak to you again, and they know they don’t have to,” Goldberg told The Link. “You can upset politicians, but they’re always going to come back around because they know they need the media. Cops don’t.” “If you really upset the cops, they may never speak to you again, and they know they don’t have to,” Goldberg told The Link. “You can upset politicians, but they’re always going to come back around because they know they need the media. Cops don’t.”

  • Renaissance Man

    Kai Nagata on the Possibilities of Post-Corporate, Citizen Journalism

    Kai Nagata suggested we meet at the bar where, just one night prior, he gave a very regular patron a very fake name.

  • Media Democracy

    Getting Past the Gatekeepers

    When we were brainstorming ideas for this issue, one word kept coming up: access. It’s simple, really. Journalists require access to information so we can do our jobs properly. Members of the media need to access documents and sources in order to make our discoveries and analyses available to the public.

  • Food and Finances

    ConU’s Food Services Lost $203K Last Year

    A $203,000 loss under ‘food services’ is the figure that sticks out most blatantly from an auditor’s report on Concordia’s finances that was issued last week, but actual food operations only account for a $51,000 loss, according to university administrators