Laura Beeston

  • Editorial

    Trim the Fat

    It’s worth noting at the outset that the university turned a $15 million deficit into a projected $8.7 million surplus this year. That’s a $23.7 million increase, which is impressive by any measure.

  • It Could Get Worse

    Campaign Against Crime Bill Goes Viral

    As Occupiers across North America were ripped from their tents, protesting students were maced on their own campuses, and police flexed their brass brutality, an equally insidious and serious news story was, until last week, flying under the media’s radar.

  • CEO-Gate Continues

    After Appeal, Judicial Board Chair Resigns

    The ongoing controversy surrounding the position of Concordia Student Union Chief Electoral Officer took another turn last week, as the Chairperson of the CSU Judicial Board resigned, citing personal reasons and a “toxic environment.”
    Cassie Smith, who had presided over the hearing that nullified the position of former CEO Bram Goldstein on Nov. 2, sent her letter of resignation on Nov. 10.

  • Back to the BoG

    The Board of Governors—Concordia’s highest body, which has final authority on all university affairs—will meet this week, and while motions from the Graduate Students’ Association have been added to the agenda, the undergraduates’ motions have not.

  • Part Time Faculty Backs Strike

    CUPFA Calls out “Bad Management,” Supports Student

    Concordia University’s Part-time Faculty Association released a statement last week officially supporting students on the Nov. 10 Day of Action, calling for us to “Occupy [the] Government” and “defend accessibility to a university education.”

  • Judicial Board Rules

    Standing Regulations Violations Lead to CEO Switch

    The search for a Chief Electoral Officer continued last week as the Judicial Board—an independent ruling body of the Concordia Student Union—voted unanimously on Nov. 2 that the appointment of the former CEO by last year’s Council was conducted in violation of the standing regulations, and nullified his position.

  • Getting Raped? There’s an App for That

    Government Should Fight Abuse With Legislation, Not Applications

    Last week, the White House endorsed two new smartphone applications they’ve unveiled as part of “ongoing efforts to help better prevent and respond to sexual assault on campuses across the country.”

  • CEO Confusion

    CSU Judicial Board Looks Into CEO Appointment

    The Concordia Student Union’s November referendum and byelection has been pushed back a week after the legitimacy of Chief Electoral Officer Bram Goldstein was called into question at a CSU Council meeting on Oct. 26.

  • Bonus Money

    Extra $10K Given to CEO and Deputies After 2011 Election

    During a “preliminary meeting” of the Judicial Board on the morning of Oct. 28, it was revealed the former Chief Electoral Officer and three Deputy Electoral Officers received $10,000 in bonus money to attend JB meetings at the close of last year’s election.

  • Send it to the JB

    Independent Body to Decide CEO’s Fate

    The Judicial Board, an independent ruling body of Concordia Student Union, will hold a hearing on Nov. 2 to decide if the hiring procedure for current Chief Electoral Officer Bram Goldstein was valid.

  • Can’t Always Get Fresh at Tim Horton’s

    Couple Kicked Out for Kissing

    Oh, the queer, religious, coffee shop politics of small-town, southwestern Ontario… In late September, Riley Duckworth and her partner Patricia Pattenden exchanged an embrace outside a Blenheim, ON Tim Horton’s window and were promptly asked to leave the premises.

  • How to Build a Revolution

    One Week Later, Occupy Montreal Holds Fast

    Braving the bitter cold, rain and hail that many thought would dissuade the Montreal version of the massive, worldwide protest Occupy Wall Street, over 200 tents have stayed pitched in Victoria Square over the last week—and the occupiers aren’t going anywhere.

  • FASA Finances

    “It was a pretty small error [online], but the implications are pretty big,” said FASA President Paisley Sim. “We all make the same amount of money. I wouldn’t be okay with [making more than my executives] at all. It’s inappropriate.”

  • The Occupiers Project

    Photojournalist Peter Haeghaert spent the better part of his week camping out at Occupy Montreal, capturing the faces of protestors he met. Hoping to discover more about the movement that has gained international traction, Haeghaert said he felt it was important to document.

  • Women on Top

    POW WOW’s Dany Desjardins on the Fierce Female Form

    Black leather heels are strung about the brightly lit studio, and a beautiful model-esque woman emerges in high fashion. Jerking her body in angular motions to the beat, she poses—arms outstretched, shoulders concaved, hips swiveling. She strikes a pose: vogue.

  • Editorial

    Transport Tragedy

    I know two people who were killed by cars in the last two weeks.

  • 80 Decibels = $1,500

    The City Cracks Down on Concordia Noise (Again)

    Last week, the office of the Dean of Students sent a missive to all Concordia student clubs and groups on behalf of the City of Montreal, telling us to keep the noise down—or else.

  • BoG Meeting Cancelled

    If you are a disgruntled undergraduate that was planning to #OccupyBoG this Thursday, you’ll have to wait another month, as it was announced last week that the Board of Governors meeting—the venue for Concordia’s highest decision-making body—would be cancelled.

  • $7M for Concordia Research

    Established in 2000, the Canada Research Chairs program. invests millions each year to universities across the country to “attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.

  • Editorial

    Time To Change Hands

    Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about today’s youth, representation and radical change. The issues boil down to the differences between ‘us’ and ‘them,’ with both parties saying, “Look: you just don’t get it.”