Laura Beeston

  • The ASFA Report

    Second Meeting Drags to Discuss Budget, Elections

    It took two hours of debating and two rounds of voting, but the Arts and Science Federation of Associations narrowly passed its annual budget at an Oct. 14 meeting.

  • Editorial

    Students Still Aren’t Interested In The Student Centre

    Perhaps you’ve noticed the catchy new poster campaign proliferating in the hallways asking what you want your student centre to look like. The posters offer suggestions to entice your imagination: a lounge, a kitchen, a study space, maybe even a massage parlour…

  • Guerilla Gender Neutrality

    he EV Building gets DIY Gender- Neutral Bathrooms

    Before Thanksgiving weekend, 12 single-person bathrooms on each floor of the EV building were quietly “gender neutralized” by a guerilla sign maker.

  • ASFA Elections Under Way

    Typically-Low Voter Turnout Be Damned

    As the Arts and Science Federation of Associations campaigning period for a VP Communications came to a close on Oct. 11, all parties are now hoping that students just show up to vote.

  • Sisters not Statistics

    March Commemorates Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

    Over a dozen placards with pictures of smiling, missing aboriginal women adorned the statue in Cabot Square on Oct. 4, looking into a 200-strong crowd that gathered for the fifth annual Sisters in Spirit march to honor the 582 recorded missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

  • Striking Laws for Sex Work

    Current Law Violate the Charter: Ontario Court

    An Ontario Superior Court Justice struck down three Canadian prostitution laws on Sept. 28, deeming them a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  • Fight the Night

    Women March Against Violence, Sexual Oppression

    Clad in red and steadfast against spurts of pouring rain, 300 women gathered outside the Berri-UQAM Metro station on Sept. 24 for Take Back the Night, an annual march denouncing the violence and sexual exploitation of women.

  • ASFA in Action

    Byelection fever as first association meeting drags on

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations kicked off its first meeting on Sept. 16, getting down to business by voting on a byelection, referendum question and appointing council members to social committees.

  • One for the Books

    Concordia’s Head Archivist Steps Down after 45 Years of Service

    At the end of September, the Concordia University Archives will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

  • Sex and Sensibility

    Women’s and Health Groups Call for Sex Ed in Classrooms

    On Sept. 1, a coalition of health and women’s groups called for the provincial government to implement a comprehensive sex education course in Quebec high schools after new findings suggested the rates of sexually transmitted infections have skyrocketed among youth since the Ministry of Education stopped offering classes in 2001.

  • Can’t (re)touch This

    Quebec Retailer First to Fight Excessive Airbrushing

    The oversaturated image of leggy, lean ladies that are the faces of the fashion industry may have met their match.

  • Affection, Nostalgia and Craft

    Montreal Illustrator Sara Guindon Shares Her Art and Heart

    Denver-bound local artist Sara Guindon will hit up Headquarters Gallerie+Boutique for a farewell vernissage this Friday. Called Objects of Affection, the event will feature illustration, animation, lively dolls yand paper puppetry.

  • Green Streets

    Concordia Student Union to Oversee Greening of Montreal’s Alleys

    The current state of downtown back lanes—often filled with garbage, broken shards of glass and other debris—is about to change for the residents and merchants of Hawarden Avenue and Souvenir Street. Things are about to get a whole lot greener.

  • A Rant en Route

    The Collective Motion Edition

    We live in a city continually beset by the grind of downtown transit, but it might not be our fault.

  • TAPthirst to fight bottled water on campus

    By January 2011, Concordia could be the first bottled water-free campus in Quebec, if TAPthirst Concordia, a student group lobbying against the privatization of water, has their way.

  • Turning it in

    Concordia pilots anti-plagiarism software this summer

    Quietly over the summer session, Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning Services has piloted an American-based anti-plagarism software called Turnitin in the university’s classrooms over the last three weeks.

  • Editorial: Disconnected understanding

    Last week, 9,000 academics and delegates flocked to Concordia for the 2010 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, taking our downtown campus by scholarly storm. They attended over 1,500 events with an aim of “sharing groundbreaking research and examining the important social and cultural issues of the day,” according to Concordia’s humanities and social sciences website.