Ray Resvick

  • Government Inaction Towards Sexual Assault Fuels Protest

    Protesters Chant “We Believe You” in Support of Sexual Assault Survivors

    Parc La Fontaine came to life as protesters gathered to bring attention to the wave of online accusations against perpetrators of sexual assault in Quebec.

  • It’s Canada Day: Stop Celebrating

    Canada’s Continued Mistreatment of Indigenous Communities Must Be Addressed

    Instead of opening a cold one this Canada Day, take today to educate yourself on how you and the Canadian government continues to propel the colonization and mistreatment of Indigenous communities. Those who celebrate today will be making their apathy towards the well-being of Indigenous communities clear.

  • Afro Drag Comes Back for a Third Edition at Phi Centre

    “I definitely want the Black community to see that drag is for us”

    Authenticity and empowerment pulsed through the audience at the Phi Centre on the night of Feb. 21. One year after the first iteration of this unforgettable all-Black drag show, Afro Drag took to the stage for its third edition.