Julia Jones

  • Fantasia Film Fest 2013 Reviews

    The Link Critiques the Festival’s 17th Edition

    The 17th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival showcases imaginative cinema until August 7. Check our reviews throughout the fest here.

  • Bicycle Friends Forever

    Bike Film Fest Returns With Races, Parties and Fashion Contests

    The Bicycle Film Festival is not just about the films, despite an eclectic mix of movies from different bike subcultures.

  • Two More Not Students?

    Status of Another Two Politicos In Question

    Two unidentified people, who may be councillors or executives of the Concordia Student Union, on the judicial board or the Chief Electoral Officer are not currently on the list of members of the Dean of Students.

  • Faculty Associations Turn Out Against the Strike

    Over the past two weeks, many faculty and member associations have held separate General Assemblies allowing their members to vote on joining the strike movement against raising tuition.

  • Families March Against Tuition Hikes

    Red Squares Take Over Parc Lafontaine

    Over 10,000 people gathered at Parc Lafontaine this morning in a family–friendly demonstration against impending tuition increases. Dogs, strollers, parents and their children marched down St. Denis St. to the office of the Minister of Education.

  • Concordia Kicks Off Strike

    Students March for Accessible Education

    The Concordia Student Union kicked off it’s strike mandate today leading over 300 protesters on a march through downtown Montreal.

  • Objects of Our Affection

    Walking Wombs and The Medical Mediation of Childbirth

    We’ve all heard the story. Woman gets pregnant and becomes an irrational, moody animal capable of biting the head off of her own husband. Husband runs around to satisfy her whimsical wishes and cravings, as she puts on weight and takes interest in interior design.

  • The Link’s Annual Women’s Issue

    First things first—we have made incredible gains. Let us not deny that; let us not forget that, or denigrate that. The women and men who have come before us have brought us to a good, solid place. In many ways, women and men in North America right now are exactly equal.

  • Too Many Cooks Spoil the Assembly

    Dawson Strike Vote Changed to Referendum After High Turnout

    Dawson students are heading to polls once more to voice their opinion on the growing province-wide movement against proposed tuition hikes.

  • No Books for You

    Threat of Read-In Shuts Down Grande Bibliothèque

    The Grande Bibliothèque closed its doors Feb. 29 in response to a scheduled protest again tuition hikes.

  • A Trans Man’s Rant

    What Not to Ask

    Oliver Leon is The Link’s trans columnist, and he’s really tired of getting the same questions asked over and over again

  • FASA Dishes the Cash, Lacks Policy-Drafting Know-How

    Fine Art Students Alliance Seeks Help from CSU and Legal Counsel

    Judicial Committee appointments are still incomplete after the Fine Arts Student Alliance meeting on Jan. 10, where two of the three candidates for the committee were absent.

  • FASA Furnishes Fundraisers

    Fine Arts Students See Projects Funded

    The Fine Arts Student Alliance met for the last time this year on Dec. 6, but not without handing out some presents. Council saw four ‘large special projects’ presentations from Fine Arts students and student groups…

  • Doctors, Lawyers and Business Executives,  OH MY!

    Board of Governors to Welcome Three New Members

    Concordia will see the faces of three new members added to its highest governing body for the first time this Thursday. While the new members will be warmly welcomed, the contentious issue continues to be the Board of Governors’ selection criteria. Community-at-large representatives of the Board of Governors …

  • Students United

    Students Out en Masse for Nov. 10 Tuition Protest

    Red paint stained the flagpole and the ground. Vapour from a discharged fire extinguisher made the rainy darkness even gloomier.

  • Synapse Candles

    Concordia Reading Series Turns One

    The Concordia-based Synapse reading series is back in action this Wednesday, celebrating a first birthday of sorts.

  • Know Your Rights

    The International Student Perspective on Prolonged Strikes

    Being an international student in Quebec means you are required to be a full-time student every semester except the year you’re graduating in order to legally stay in the country—paying, by far, the highest tuition fees in the province.

  • CSU to Spend up to $160k on Space Study

    The Faubourg deal may be dead, but the money lives on.

  • Community Building

    No to the Faux-Bourg. Now What? 

    Student space has been a contentious issue at Concordia for over a decade.

  • Sex Workers Denounce Denouncement

    Take Back the Night, a traditional march to denounce violence against and exploitation of women, usually unites all kinds of feminist groups around the world. This year, however, a rift has developed as the group proposed, among other activities for this year’s edition, that participant women “enter […] a place where there are images of sexual exploitation (sexualization) or body [sic] (sexual industries) of women and scream out loud, ‘Enough is enough.’”