Alex Manley

  • No, Greenhouse. No.

    You’ve probably never seen it, you’d be hard-pressed to find it, but the Concordia Greenhouse is looking for your money at the student election.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Cyclepathic Killer

    It’s March already, which means the number of new faces at Concordia’s Le Gym is down significantly from the unrealistic high of the first week of January.

  • The Gender & Sexuality Issue

    Human beings seem to like dualities. Life is easier to navigate that way. But binaries don’t always slip so neatly onto human affairs, however much we’d like them to. In this special issue, we look at man/woman and gay/straight.

  • Watch Your Language

    Women, Ladies and the Weight of Words When It Comes to Gender

    In February, Sarah Nicole Prickett, ex-Globe and Mail columnist and freelance journalist, kicked off a minor controversy with the publication of her online article for Vice, officially titled “Where Are All the Women?”

  • Too Little, Too Late

    Stingers Fall to Varsity Blues, Narrowly Miss CIS Playoffs

    With 41 seconds left in the third period, Concordia’s men’s hockey season was on the line.

  • “This Is Not an Isolated Movement”

    The Search for Long-Term Solutions & Idle No More

    Something had to give. That’s the sense that you get when you look at the Idle No More movement, the scope of which now encompasses hunger strikes, spirited demonstrations across the country, a range of hash tags and continued coverage from news sources nation-wide.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Wisdom of Ages

    They’re a sort of time-travelling RoboCop of the classroom. They fear not the social codes that keep the rest of us strictly bound. They boldly speak where no twenty-something has dared to speak before. Yes, I’m talking about over-talkative mature students.

  • Concert Review: Titus Andronicus

    A few hours before Titus Andronicus took to the modest, two-foot-high wooden stage at Il Motore Wednesday night, my friend Nat asked me if I was excited for the show.

  • Death by Taxes

    What Does the PQ Government’s New Budget Mean for Students?

    On Thursday, the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante organized a protest for free tuition in Montreal, the latest in the long-running series of student movement marches occurring on the 22nd of the month.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Plenty Wrong With the New Twenty

    As part of an effort to be as cool as Australia, Canada’s in the process of updating its bills to be super-duper high-tech.

  • Mac’s Back

    Mac DeMarco on Rebecoming Himself for His New Album

    Mac DeMarco has a certain ambivalence to modern rock ’n’ roll stardom. After playing for years in Vancouver under the moniker Makeout Videotape, the gap-toothed, 22-year-old Edmonton native settled here in 2010 and started…

  • Do All Mags Go to Heaven?

    Newsweek’s Bad Week and the Print Media Afterlife

    God, they say, works in mysterious ways. Bad news is often just good news waiting to reveal itself, if only you wait it out for a little.

  • Whoop! Whoop! That’s the Sound of Irony

    Police Union’s Righteous Stance on Tremblay Misplaced

    Last Tuesday, in an online article about the ongoing Charbonneau Commission, CTV Montreal shared a crucial, hilarious…

  • Surprise! Plagiarism is Bad for You

    Let’s talk about Margaret Wente.

  • Concordia Kicks Emergency Preparedness Week Up a Notch

    It’s Emergency Preparedness Week at Concordia, and the man in charge of it, Concordia Senior Advisor on Emergency Management Darren Dumoulin, sounds like a man beset by constant worry.

  • Space Man

    ConU’s Good Decision Just Out of This World

    Something crazy happened last week.

  • “We Live in a Bullshit Society”

    Propagandhi’s Chris Hannah on Failed States and Failing States

    There’s a moment about 15 minutes into my phone call with Chris Hannah, the guitarist and leader singer of Canadian punk/thrash stalwarts Propagandhi, when I stumble. 

  • In Defense of BADBADNOTGOOD

    Don’t Take it Out on the Band

    After weeks of avoiding the subject on Facebook, misleading the student press in interviews, failing to promote it anywhere at all and just generally prevaricating, the Concordia Student Union announced the headliners for the 2012 Orientation concert on Wednesday.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Addressing the Problem

    Alex Lewis Manley, if you’re out there, this means war.

  • Oui/No

    On Aug. 25, a Gazette article by former The Link news editor Christopher Curtis featured an interview that laid plain the feelings of many anglo Montrealers: Aside from the Liberals, “there aren’t any other options for English speakers in Quebec.”