Josh Dixon

  • A Decade of Resistance

    Cinema Politica Returns for 10th Year at Concordia

    As university students in the progressive metropolis of Montreal, it’s our responsibility to stay informed and on top of current events both at home in Quebec and abroad—so Cinema Politica is back to make sure the world’s pressing issues stay at the forefront of Concordia’s collective consciousness.

  • The Devil Takes the Stage at Fantasia

    A Taste of Clive Barker’s History of the Devil

    “Doesn’t he look, in his confusion, in his cowardice and in the profundity of his misery, a little like us?”

  • Fantasia Film Fest 2013 Reviews

    The Link Critiques the Festival’s 17th Edition

    The 17th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival showcases imaginative cinema until August 7. Check our reviews throughout the fest here.

  • A Season of Film

    The Link’s Primer to Montreal’s March Movie Scene

    The movie industry’s biggest, most self-congratulatory awards show premiered last Sunday, making many of us lament missing so many films.

  • Students in The Spotlight

    Gala for Student Drama Showcases Young Talent

    While finding a foothold in one’s preferred industry can be hard for any student, it seems to be especially difficult for those studying drama.

  • Spins

    The Latest from English Words and Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    What was only rumours just months ago has come to fruition: the first Godspeed You! Black Emperor LP in a decade.