Concordia Kicks Off Strike

Students March for Accessible Education

Photo Pierre Chauvin
Photo Erin Sparks
Photo Julia Jones

The Concordia Student Union kicked off it’s strike mandate today leading over 300 protesters on a march through downtown Montreal.

Members of the CSU voted in favor of a one-week strike mandate protesting tuition hikes extending until March 22 in a general assembly last week. Of the 1,709 students who were in attendance, 1,152 voted in favour of the strike.

CSU VP External Chad Walcott said the turnout for the protest was good for a first day.

“We’re looking to get more momentum, to keep demonstrating, keep taking to the streets, showing the government and the city that we’re serious and that Concordia is involved in this struggle as well,” said Walcott.

Concordia students should expect mobilization every day of the strike, but are encouraged to organize for themselves and look for independent groups that might be putting on activities.

The CSU still has some tricks up their sleeves, however.

“There will be a few more demonstrations, there is going to be a banner drop day, and we might go see the administration at some point,” said Walcott.