Two More Not Students?

Status of Another Two Politicos In Question

Two unidentified people, who may be councillors or executives of the Concordia Student Union, on the judicial board or the Chief Electoral Officer are not currently on the list of members of the Dean of Students.

CSU Chairperson Nick Cuillerier was mandated during the CSU Council meeting on March 14th to check if all members of council, the executive, the judicial board or the Chief Electoral Officer were indeed students. The motion to investigate the students’ status was brought to council’s attention by former CSU councillor Tomer Shavit, after he accused VP Advocacy Morgan Pudwell of not being a student.

When reached by email on March 19, Cuillerier confirmed that two students’ status were in question.

The investigation comes on the heels of the disqualification CSU presidential candidate Schubert Laforest and VP Academic hopeful Lucia Gallardo, who were later reinstated.

The names of the two people will not be disclosed until the next regular council meeting, on April 11.

“The reason I’m not releasing the names at this moment is because this information is very new, [and was] received only a few hours ago from the Dean of Students,” said Cuillerier.

“I have notified the individuals and they’ve told me there’s reason to believe they can provide sufficient documentation to prove that they are indeed students.”

Registered students might not be on the list of membership from the Dean of Students in some instances, although the specifics of these circumstances are not clear.

“There are circumstances where this can occur, and they should be given the opportunity to show that they are indeed students,” said Cuillerier.

Cuillerier said he decided on the deadline of April 11 to allow for the two people to have a time to round up documentation to prove they are registered students.

“I felt that it would be unfair for them to defend themselves against such interesting news without having the time to get their documentation together considering that it might require going to departments and things of that nature,” said Cuillerier. “The only reason it’s not happening at this point in time is so we can make sure that both sides of the story can be heard.”

More to come.