FASA Furnishes Fundraisers

Fine Arts Students See Projects Funded

Ali Moenck is a FASA councillor and Managing Editor at Interfold. Photo Julia Jones

The Fine Arts Student Alliance met for the last time this year on Dec. 6, but not without handing out some presents.

Council saw four ‘large special projects’ presentations from Fine Arts students and student groups requesting project funding of up to $2,000 each.

Boarders without Borders, a documentary on skateboarding in a small village of Colombia, currently being produced at Concordia, was the only proposal to receive the full $2000.

Interfold Magazine received $1,500, with a request that they produce a sustainability report that will trace out a plan for the publication to continue developing at its present pace. FASA President Paisley Sim expressed concern that Interfold was moving very quickly, and that the sustainability report will ensure that their projects are seen through.

Art Education graduating students also put in a $2,000 request for funding, and were the only ones to get nothing. Their proposal was to have an exhibition of their own work to share with the students they teach at their respective internships.

Sim requested that they revisit the galleries they considered so that the project was more “community oriented.”

Lastly, the VAV Gallery’s proposal, submitted specifically for the purchase of beer for vernissages, garnered $1,400 and FASA to purchase all the liquor for them.

FASA’s election policy’s first draft is not yet completed as it requires minor changes in the association’s bylaws with respect to location of polling booths.