Jacob Roberts

  • For a Safe, Sub-Zero Commute

    SustainabliTEA Presents: Winterize Your Bike

    You know you’re Canadian when the temperature is at -20 degrees Celsius, it’s snowing, and you’re still biking to class.

  • Take Shelter

    Lorenzo DiTommaso on the Future of the Apocalypse

    According to Concordia religion professor Lorenzo DiTommaso, people need to wake up and face the reality that the apocalypse isn’t coming.

  • A Peace Best Served Cold

    A Conversation with the Egyptian and Israeli Consul Generals

    After the revolution in Egypt last year, many questions have arisen around the position of Egypt’s international relations, including the peace treaty with Israel. To answer these questions, both the Israeli and Egyptian Consul Generals spoke at Concordia on March 14.

  • Charest Brings Unwanted Guests to Google Press Conference

    Hundreds of students surrounded Google’s new Montreal headquarters, which were being unveiled at a press conference with Premier Jean Charest on March 20.

  • This Week in Protests

    Several Rallies Result in Violence

    March 7 and 8 were busy days for protesters, as the causes of tuition, police brutality, and women’s rights were all represented in four different events within 24 hours.

  • The Future of Fraud Enforcement

    On March 11, thousands of Canadian voters gathered in major cities across the country to protest the robocalls election scandal.

  • Rise of the Machines

    Voters Take a Stand Against Robocalls Scandal

    Furious over the Conservative government’s “robocall scandal,” around 200 protesters marched through downtown Montreal carrying signs reading “Dude, where’s my polling station?” and “We want Robocop,” to draw attention to what they see as an assault on democracy.

  • Students Join International Women’s Day March

    A March 8 International Women’s Day demonstration collided with several other protests all taking place in downtown Montreal today.

  • Israel Apartheid Week, Inside Israel Speaker Series Kicks Off

    Concordia will be hosting two very different views on the Middle East in coming weeks, as eighth annual Israel Apartheid Week kicks off on March 5, followed by the inaugural Inside Israel Speaker Series.

  • Heard in the Hall

    The Link went to the Concordia Student Union sleep-in in the Webster Library and asked: Do you think that a sleep-in is an effective form of protest?

  • Million Dollar Baby

    Concordia to Contract External Audit of Severance Packages

    If you were an employee of Concordia University who left between September 2009 and December 2010, parting may have been a sweet sorrow.

  • Hacker Heaven

    ‘Hackathon’ to Develop Health Care Tools

    Health care professionals and technology experts spent last weekend designing solutions to problems plaguing the medical community.

  • Safety First?

    Cactus Supervised Injection Site Faces Continued Opposition

    The proposal to turn non-profit outreach centre Cactus Montreal into a supervised injection site has come under public scrutiny from both the City of Montreal and the Ville-Marie community.

  • Gill vs. Graham

    Concordia Provost and CSU President Butt Heads Over Strike

    A proposed strike against tuition hikes by the Concordia Student Union is being met with unbending resilience from the Concordia administration.

  • Reforestation: The Myth of Sustainability

    Many people assume, or maybe just want to believe, that after an area of forest is clear-cut, a crew of tree-planters goes in and replants all of the trees. After a few decades, the trees will be well on their way to adulthood and life in the forest will return to normal. By this definition, it’s a sustainable practice. But that’s not exactly how it works.

  • NDP Debate Lacks Sparks

    Candidates Struggle to Differentiate From Each Other

    One thing was immediately clear at the federal National Democratic Party candidates debate at Concordia last week: New Democrats agree with each other on almost everything.

  • Combined Efforts Benefit Homeless

    Three Montreal Shelters Team Up to Share Resources

    It wasn’t uncommon a few years ago for a homeless person to be turned away from a shelter due to over-crowding, even in the dead of winter.

  • Education Under Fire in Iran

    Bahá’í Religious Group Brings Human Rights Issue to ConU

    Systematic discrimination, violence and the denial of basic civil rights in Iran is actively been countered by education, and the discussion came to Concordia University on Jan. 19.

  • ASFA Tries for Middle Ground

    Election Protocols Updated

    Newly appointed Chief Electoral Officer Christopher Webster is determined to make sure “it’s a fair election, that everyone feels safe, that it’s clean, etc.,” said Webster.

  • MUNACA Ends Three-Month-Long Walk-Out

    After almost three months, the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association ended their strike with a ratification vote on a new collective agreement on Dec 5. “I feel relieved because I was able to present this offer to [MUNACA workers],” said union President Kevin Whittaker. “I wanted them to understand the offer. We’ve been here since 9:00 a.m…