• Former Concordia Students on Kruyt

    ‘We stand ready to contribute to the development of our alma matter’

    We, the undersigned former students of Concordia, are writing to express our deep concern over the governance of Concordia University.

  • Henry Aubin on Us Damn Kids

    The Age of Facebook Has Ruined Us: Poll

    Seasoned Gazette columnist Henry Aubin wrote an opinions piece on Jan. 22, tackling the “self-absorbed, less caring Canada of the future” by outlining the findings from a seriously stacked poll.

  • Practice What You Preach

    Jewish Community Comes to Terms With Islamophobia

    Growing up in an observant Jewish home, there are values that are generally bestowed upon you.

  • ‘Fuck It, I’m Still an Aquarius’

    How a Scientist Shook the Public’s Faith in Horoscopes

    The recent news that people’s zodiac signs may have changed due to the slow migration of the constellations in the night sky has conjured up strong feelings of denial, skepticism and disbelief.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    My girlfriend and I want to try anal, but here’s the thing. She wants to fuck me with a strap-on. I’m a hetero guy and have never been the ‘catcher’ in this situation.

  • Beermerica

    America’s Beer Doesn’t Suck

    Countries love to laud their beer-swilling credentials. Germany has it’s reinheitsgebot purity laws, England and Ireland their pub-going ways, and Canada and Australia love to tout their reputation as beer countries

  • Editorial

    No one watching

    The Montreal Police Force has twice made the headlines this week; by finally admitting to assigning traffic-ticket quotas, and by scheduling the long-awaited inquiry of Mohamed Anas Bennis’ death.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Naming Your Unit

    The English language is constantly evolving. For example, a bitch used to be a female dog, and now it’s somebody within whom you pop a cap.

  • Open Letter to Peter Kruyt

    Clear Message from 36 Fromer Students

    A letter to Peter Kruyt.

  • Open Letter to Peter Kruyt

    Clear Message from 36 Fromer Students

    A letter to Peter Kruyt.