All Aboard the Dream Shuttle

Graphic Caity Hall

I had seen it off in the distance—the tall mirage rolling down Sherbrooke St. with the word “Skyport” along its side.

When I hopped aboard, I was a little worried I’d wind up in Dorval.

I’m in my fourth year at Concordia and have had classes at Loyola almost every semester, but this month was the first time I’d ever stepped on a Concordia shuttle that didn’t feel like an STM reject.

But this semester I may just have the magic schedule, granting me every single ride aboard this majestic diesel beast.

I’ve been deprived of this luxurious ride for too long. On this mysterious coach you ride above car level, like a king being chauffeured off to a higher education. The seats are comfy—like nap-worthy, better-than-any-of-my-furniture comfy.

I’m considering abandoning my lease, or at least registering for eConcordia and contently doing all my class hours aboard this dream vessel.

Make my fantasy a reality, Concordia. Forget those giant LCD screens with make-believe shuttle coordinates—let’s get some Wi-Fi up in this piece.

Xzibit, you’re my only hope.

—Colin Harris,