Erin Sparks

  • Healing the Appeal of Two Wheels

    Cycling Panel Looks at How to Make Bike Paths More Accessible

    We may not be out of the wintry woods just yet, but if the hundred-odd attendees at last Tuesday’s panel on cycling in the city are any indication, the minds of Montrealers are turning back to biking once again.

  • Cycle City

    A Guide to Montreal’s Best Local Bike Shops

    In a city where metro shutdowns and painfully long lines for the 105 bus are seemingly constant problems, sometimes the fastest (and most enjoyable) way to get where you’re going is on two wheels. Whether you’re cycling just for the heck of it, or using it as your main means of transportation, Montreal is a great place to experience by bike.

  • Losing a Heritage Building, Gaining Student Residences

    Redpath Mansion Torn Down After 28 Years of Debate Over Historic Value

    Last Monday, Michael Sochaczevski got some good news.

  • FASA Votes to Join ASSÉ

    Following a vote last week, Concordia’s Fine Arts Student Alliance will join the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, the most militant of Quebec’s major student federations.

  • The Transition Transmission

    Instagramming Major Changes To Connect and Communicate

    “Salut, aujourd’hui on fait la sixième injection,” Étienne says, pointing to a vial of testosterone, an alcohol swab and a sterile needle.

  • This Should Ease the Pain a Little

    A Closer Look at Counselling and Development

    For Alex Manley, the decision to speak to someone in Concordia’s office of Counselling and Development came after the government ran a campaign raising awareness about mental illness. The campaign featured…

  • Nah’msayin?

    Double the Songs, Zero the Fun

    Imagine you’re sitting in a room, minding your own beeswax and listening to some sweet Blink-182 tunes or whatever.

  • Ending the ‘Boycott’

    The Legal Right to Strike Isn’t a Death Sentence for Future Movements

    During the 2012 student strike the word “boycott” was thrown around by those opposing it, in contrast to those who saw the legitimacy of student action and referred to it as a strike.

  • Conned by the Moratorium

    Condo Ban Does Little to Stop Development

    In theory, the drastic decreases in rentable units in areas like La Petite-Patrie should not exist, as Montreal has had a condo moratorium in place since 1975.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Read This with a Pinch of Salt, Then Take that Salt and Sprinkle it on the Sidewalk

    I love the outdoors as much as the next person, but this means that every time I leave my apartment I have to face my own Public Enemy No. 1: the sidewalk. Or, more specifically, the absence of salt on this skating rink you call a sidewalk.

  • Is the Charter of Quebec Values a Feminist Initiative?

    Panel Discusses Implications of Bill 60

    Pearl Eliadis minced no words when she stood in front of roughly 60 people last Thursday and stated that, “Bill 60 utterly fails to achieve gender equality…

  • Illuminating the Shadows

    Do-Nothing Rhetoric on Sexual Assault Helps No One—But Take Back the Night Does

    On an October night in 1975, Philadelphia microbiologist Susan Alexander Speeth was stabbed by a stranger only a block from her home.

  • Levant Doesn’t Deserve NASH Keynote

    National Student Press Conference No Place for Hateful Remarks

    I’m not opposed to hearing opinions I disagree with, or listening to different takes on the state of the Canadian media, but there is a big difference between a divergent opinion and hate speech.

  • A Step in the Right Direction

    CUTV Getting Back on Track After a Year of Uncertainty

    For some, hearing the words “Community University Television”—as it’s now known—or “CUTV” first brings to mind the abundance of footage produced by the station during the 2012 student strike.

  • Access This

    Why Canada’s Access to Information Must Be Improved

    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Access to Information Act.

  • The Maple Spring Revisited

    Inside the Student Movement: A First-Hand Account of the 2012 Tuition Protests

    Of all the things I witnessed during the 2012 student strike, the most powerful image I can recall comes from the March 22 rally.

  • Nah’msayin?

    You Don’t Win Friends With Fake Salad

    A salad has green things in it. A salad has vegetables. A salad does not consist of cold pasta and mayonnaise.

  • Concordia’s Charbonneau Connection

    Why is Concordia Still Doing Business with Genivar?

    Despite allegations of corruption against Genivar, the university has continued to include them in its construction projects.

  • What’s A Picture Worth, Again?

    On Stealing Photos and the Double Standard of Intellectual Property

    In case you’ve ever wondered whether or not using someone’s photograph without their permission and without attributing it to them was stealing, let me clear that up for you right now.

  • The City Should Pay in Students’ Class Action Suit

    Approval of Lawsuit a Step in the Right Direction

    The City of Montreal ought to pay what is being asked of them; they ought to give back to those who had their rights infringed upon so grievously by those who were supposed to be protecting them.