Read This with a Pinch of Salt, Then Take that Salt and Sprinkle it on the Sidewalk

Graphic Caity Hall

Montreal, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Because I’m pretty broke I don’t have a metro pass, which means I walk or ride my bike pretty much wherever I go.

I love the outdoors as much as the next person, but this means that every time I leave my apartment I have to face my own Public Enemy No. 1: the sidewalk. Or, more specifically, the absence of salt on this skating rink you call a sidewalk.
I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been walking down the street only to come across a single pile of salt unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the sidewalk, with no attempt made to spread it out more than a square foot.
It’s as though someone emptied an entire bag of salt on a single patch of concrete, gave it a few kicks, shrugged and said, “Eh, good enough,” and carried on with their day, confident that they’d pretty much nailed it.
Look guys, I get it. Times are tough, and a penny saved here and there really adds up. But you’re already (sort of) using the salt; can you at least pretend to give a damn? I’m tired of walking down the icy deathtrap of St. Denis St., shuffling like a zombie to trap as much salt under my boot as possible so I don’t slide down the street like an out-of-control bobsled racer.

—Erin Sparks, Managing Editor