• The Slate System Is Flawed

    This election season showcased the usual poster night protests and campaign complaints (pre- and post-), but all of these complaints are minor details considering that the whole slate system is flawed.

  • Le grand méchant loup est un photographe

    Tôt mercredi matin, The Link fut informé que des membres de l‘équipe Action se tenaient près des stations de vote, dans le bâtiment MB

  • It’s Been Done Once, It Can Be Done Again

    Building on Quebec’s Inspiring Student Movement

    Quebec’s student movement is on the move, once again. With thousands taking to the streets in Montreal opposing university tuition hikes and an estimated 50,000 students throughout Quebec

  • Nah’msayin?

    Flush Fuss

    I’m sorry, but automatic toilets are sexist.

  • Cameras Offer Security

    A crime-solving tool shouldn’t be an enemy

    On February 11 of this year, between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., my laptop was stolen from the JavaU inside Concordia’s Hall building.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Every time I have sex it hurts. It makes it really hard for me to orgasm and makes my boyfriend feel bad every time we have sex. What could be wrong with me?

  • editorial

    Problematic Policies

    Politics is a messy game, and this was certainly demonstrated during the final week of this year’s Concordia Student Union election.

  • There’s No Point Paying For It

    Vote For A Bottled Water Free Campus

    Every time we buy a bottle of water we are falling prey to the greatest marketing dupe of all time.

  • coalitions might be the answer

    After Harper’s Government Crumbles, What’s Next for Canada?

    The first government in Canada’s history to ever be found in contempt of parliament crumbled on Friday.

  • Campaign Video Breakdown: Action & Your Concordia

    Promotional Play-by-Play

    The CSU election process is relentless. Until the 31st of March rolls around and election results are counted,