• Know your board

    Concordia’s board of governors, the university’s highest governing body, is composed of 40 individuals drawn from the school and the community around it.

  • Consequences of BOG’s Actions

    The sudden and unexplained departure of the president of the University has left the Concordia community stunned and shocked.

  • Students Don’t Benefit from Merit-Based Teaching

    The principles of the free market can be handy. The invisible hand makes sure we’re not paying a few hundred bucks for something small

  • Nah’msayin?

    Just My Luck.

    People need to stop using “luck” to mean its exact opposite.

  • Editorial

    Not All Press is Good Press

    Once again, the all-seeing eye of the media is focused on Concordia. Unfortunately, the theme of today’s programming is a familiar one for the school: dysfunction.

  • Open Letter to Peter Kruyt

    In light of the unexplained and arbitrary dismissal of Concordia University president Judith Woodsworth, we the undersigned members of the Concordia community demand a thorough and public review of the governing structures of Concordia University, with particular attention to the constitution and the powers of the Board of Governors.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Welcome Back, Motherfuckers

    Okay, someone’s got to ask what everyone is thinking: what the hell are we all doing here? It’s January 3rd! Why are we back in school already?

  • Editorial

    Transparency Needed at Concordia’s Board

    The fall semester claimed a final victim before students returned to university this week, clearing out the last of Concordia’s big names.First Kathy Assayag, the fundraising whiz, departed under a cloud.

  • Safe Injection Sites: Aiding Addiction In What Way?

    Say what you will about the safe injection site slated to open in Montreal next summer—with or without the approval of the provincial government

  • Sex and Pancakes

    Dear Melissa,
    Men’s ejaculate taste varies based on the diet, right? Does the same apply to women’s fluid?