• Sex and Pancakes

    I’ve recently begun to suspect my best friend of many years might be gay. A mutual friend has seen him with another man, and I’ve even been told he’s now in a relationship with a guy.

  • Defining Moral Borders

    Where Do We Draw the Line Between Religion and Culture?

    People take their morals from their families, religion and society.

  • Bill 94 Unveiled

    Much debate, controversy and discussion surrounded the tabling of Bill 94.

  • Minority Rights Undermined

    Sikh Delegates Denied Entry into Parliament for Kirpan Posession

    Sikh delegates from the World Sikh Organization of Canada were invited to give a briefing on Bill 94’s implications in Quebec and Canada on Jan.18.

  • Government Pulls Plug on Egypt

    The Internet May Have Stopped, But It Didn’t Stop the Movement

    A group of young men run along the smoke-filled streets of Cairo as the sound of choppers echo above.

  • Igms: Crescent Table Talk

    A Couple Seats Short of Democracy

    What was supposed to be a roundtable discussion at Thursday’s Information General Meeting turned out to be more of a semi-circle in practice

  • Nah’msayin?

    Down With Ronald McDonald

    In light of the Concordia Student Union’s proposed boycott of McDonald’s because of a supposed group of gang members that frequents the establishment

  • Editorial

    Globalization of Anger

    Thanks to a rapidly emerging technology that’s changing the way information is delivered to us, the world is getting smaller.

  • At the Expense of Democracy

    Stephen Harper Says No to Election Subsidies

    A federal election in the spring may be around the corner.

  • Anal Sex Laws Need an Enema

    This past December, Alberta’s queers got an unexpected Christmas gift from their government: homosexuality was finally struck from the province’s list of mental disorders. Congratulations, Alberta. Welcome to the 1970s!