Wings of My Ire

Graphic Caity Hall

I write this rant sitting in an airport food court, snuggled next to the only electrical outlet in sight, with my shirt stained, face sticky, and suffering from an unceasing headache—the result of days without sleep.

Travelling in Canada can be a special kind of hell.

Over the last week I’ve experienced four flight cancellations, day-long delays, missed connections, lost luggage and piss-poor customer service. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

This is Canada, and as such I would expect Canadian airlines to be prepared for a little snow in the wintertime. Hell, charter a few extra planes if you have to. Get your customers where they need to be as soon as you can, not a week later with no compensation or explanation.

If you can’t serve your customers, then maybe you shouldn’t be entered in an industry based solely on customer service.

Give me my package of pretzels and get me the hell home. I’m tired of this red-eyed odyssey.

—Brandon Johnnston, Photo & Video Editor