• editorial

    Problematic Policies

    Politics is a messy game, and this was certainly demonstrated during the final week of this year’s Concordia Student Union election.

  • There’s No Point Paying For It

    Vote For A Bottled Water Free Campus

    Every time we buy a bottle of water we are falling prey to the greatest marketing dupe of all time.

  • coalitions might be the answer

    After Harper’s Government Crumbles, What’s Next for Canada?

    The first government in Canada’s history to ever be found in contempt of parliament crumbled on Friday.

  • Campaign Video Breakdown: Action & Your Concordia

    Promotional Play-by-Play

    The CSU election process is relentless. Until the 31st of March rolls around and election results are counted,

  • The Seven Deadly Sins…  Need an Update

    It’s become increasingly evident that one person’s sins are another person’s constitutional rights.

  • Du Bon Usage du Francais

    Le premier débat entre les deux équipes en lice pour les élections de l’Union des étudiants et étudiantes de Concordia a eu lieu mercredi dernier au pavillon Hall.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Too Far

    I do my nails at least once a week. I soak, file, buff, smooth and sometimes even paint them

  • editorial

    We Need A New Start

    Our cover is not a mistake: we need you.

  • Representation Gone Bad

    An Open Letter From Fine Arts Constituents to Action’s Tomer Shavit

    In recent weeks, we have seen countless politically minded students enter the Concordia Student Union elections for the upcoming academic year.

  • First Post

    My Very First Poster Night Experience

    During last year’s Concordia Student Union elections I was (bows head in shame) your standard politically apathetic and totally uninvolved student.