• Giffords Shot in Arizona

    Politician Injured By Young Man, Sensationalized By Media

    On Jan. 8, Jared Lee Loughner opened fire into a crowded street corner in Tucson, Arizona. He killed six people and injured thirteen others.

  • CSU-Admin Relationship History Explains Current Conflict

    If the Concordia Student Union’s relationship with the Board of Governors was on Facebook, it would say it’s complicated, to say the least.

  • Separation of Church & Crib

    It should be obvious why the Quebec government wants to ban religious teaching in all publicly subsidized daycares and schools.

  • Art in Danger

    Graffiti Culture Haunted by Death of Three Teens

    Graffiti had nothing to do with the deaths of Mitchel Bracken-Guenet, Dylan Ford and Ricardo Conesa, but that’s not what the media and Montreal police say.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Shyamalan in San Fernando Valley

    Hey M. Night Shyamalan, I just thought of the perfect career shift for you.

  • Editorial

    Time For Some Soul Searching

    With the exception of Concordia’s Alumni Association and a handful of other student representatives, the entire Concordia community condemned the process by which our former president has been dismissed.

  • White Obsession

    Billion Dollar Lotion Industry Fuels Insecurities

    BANGKOK, THAILAND—Westerners on vacation in Thailand usually get stoked on laying out in the sand at tropical island beaches and getting a sexy tan.

  • Something in the Water

    Is Fluoride in Tap Water Beneficial to Dental Health?

    I’m sure we have all heard some conspiracy theory nut talking about the fluoride in the water blocking our chakra paths and all sorts of mumbo jumbo

  • Know your board

    Concordia’s board of governors, the university’s highest governing body, is composed of 40 individuals drawn from the school and the community around it.

  • Consequences of BOG’s Actions

    The sudden and unexplained departure of the president of the University has left the Concordia community stunned and shocked.