Gonzo Nieto

  • Rules to Roll By

    A Speculative Look at a Canadian Cannabis Policy

    Let’s review some critical pieces of the debate to tease out what a sensible cannabis policy might look like.

  • Prioritize Cannabis Legalization!

    In a recentinterview with VICE Shane Smith, President Obama was asked about his thoughts on legalizing marijuana, which was one of the most popular viewer-submitted topics for the interview.*

  • A Salvia Breakthrough: My First Trip

    A Glimpse at the World Behind the World

    It was a warm sunny day, the summer before my friends and I would leave for college. We borrowed my parent’s van, drove down to a head shop in Toronto and bought a gram of 20x salvia extract, a bong and a jet lighter. *

  • A Guide to MDMA Harm Reduction

    One of the most important things when taking drugs of any sort is to be well educated on their possible risks and complications and to use that information to make your use as responsible and safe as possible. Unfortunately, much of what we’re taught about drugs from school or public education campaigns is fear-based or in support of abstinence rather than education and harm reduction, reducing the accessibility of credible information about drugs.

  • Psychedelic Self-Therapy: An Interview

    How Psychedelics Can Put Your Healing Back in Your Hands

    In the resurgence of psychedelic research in recent years, one of the areas that has been examined with successful results is the treatment of anxiety-related issues in psychedelic therapy.

  • Distractible Minds

    Who’s Got Who On A Leash?

    Attention and focus are implicated in everything we do, so how well we can harness our attention has a significant impact on our lived experience and quality of life.

  • Santa’s Shamanic Origins

    When Mythology and Mycology Collide

    With the holidays approaching, I would like to share an interesting take on the origins of Christmas mythology.

  • A Tripper’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Seven Principles to Optimize your Psychedelic Expeditions

    T*idy up and clean the setting before tripping! A cluttered environment is a cluttered mind.

  • Could an Illegal Drug Change the Way We Treat Psychological Trauma?

    In the last 11 years, the Iraq war has resulted in the deaths of approximately 4,500 United States soldiers. In contrast, 6,500 war veterans committed suicide in 2012 alone, amounting to roughly 18 veterans taking their own lives every day of that year. The failure of the US government to appropriately take care of war veterans’ mental health and well-being is resulting in far more casualties for the nation than war itself.

  • Psychedelic Trip Sitting

    A How-to on Facilitating a Friend’s Psychedelic Experience

    Above all, remember that you are there to facilitate someone else’s experience, and not to have your own.

  • A Psychedelic Renaissance

    New Research on Psychedelics Is Unveiling Their Potential for Healing

    As university students, we know how prevalent substance use is.

  • Moving Beyond Memorization

    How Can We Properly Evaluate the Education We Receive?

    We should be questioning the skills we’re being taught—for the amount of time and money we put into our education, we deserve to know that we’re getting what we’re paying for.

  • Popping Bottles: It’s Over 9,000!

    Party Tab for Former Execs is a Misuse of Funds

    If recent allegations about a certain extravagant end-of-the-year party are true, last year’s CSU executives may have left us with one last lapse of judgment to marvel at.

  • CSU’s Electoral Reforms Help the Union

    It’s election time again at the Concordia Student Union, and in case you hadn’t heard, all but one of the executive positions are uncontested, as are most of the council and Senate positions.

  • Forcing the Hand of Council

    The CSU Executive’s Childish Strategy to Get Its Way

    On Feb. 13, following the resignation of the CSU president several days earlier, council met to appoint a new president.