• Humour: The WD 40 of Healing

    Drew Hayden Taylor—a pioneer of Native comedy—turned to humour to better express his culture in the theatre.
    “Humor is the WD 40 of healing,” he said, speaking as the keynote of “An Extremely Serious and Intensely Sober Exploration of Native Humour in Canadian Media” last Thursday at the Masonic Memorial Temple.

  • Refresh Your Public Space

    Students Act Out Against The University’s New PepsiCo. Contract on Campus

    Überculture, a student group opposed to the “corporatization of campus and public space,” launched campaigns this past week targeting PepsiCo.

  • Sustainable Business Day Hosts Energy Tycoons

    Sustainability and commercial expansion may seem oxymoronic, but not when big business defines it.
    “Business students at John Molson School of Business [should] start rethinking the definition of the bottom line,” said Shelly Elslinger, a Concordia career advisor, at the Sustainable Business Day conference on Nov. 5.

  • Betting on Ballots

    Profiting from politics used to be a realm reserved for the crooked and immoral. Now, making a little money from elections is being brought to the masses.

  • ‘The Biggest Failure’

    The MTQ’s New Turcot Plan Divides City Hall

    Although it hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, the Ministère du Transport de Québec’s plan to overhaul Montreal’s decaying Turcot interchange has already shaken up city hall.

  • Missing Women, Missing Money

    Group Responsible for Publicizing Disappearances Given No Funds

    Last week, the Minister of State for Status of Women Canada, Rona Ambrose, detailed the federal government’s $10 million national strategy to address the disproportionately high number of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

  • The Uncut Interview

    Tim Miller Talks

    Read the full transcript of Tim Miller’s interview with The Link.

  • Nothing’s Shocking

    Tim Miller Brings his Special Brand of Performance Art to Concordia

    Tim Miller is on the phone, and he’s boiling in more ways than one. Besides dealing with a California heat wave, he’s none too pleased with the results of the US’s midterm elections from the previous day.
    “I feel very fraught this morning after our horrible elections,” he says from his Los Angeles home. “They were slightly less horrible than I thought they would be, but horrible nonetheless.”

  • Disliking Facebook’s Environmental Status

    Why The Social Networking Site Is Polluting More Than Minds

    The thought of quitting has occurred to everyone at least once.
    Suffice to say that the time wasted updating statuses, ‘‘liking’‘ trivial commentary and declining invitations to cringe-worthy events is ample ground on which to leave the social networking scene.

  • A ‘Breach of Trust’

    PepsiCo. Contract Renewed Without Student Consultation

    On his final Friday on the job, outgoing Concordia University VP Services Michael Di Grappa received a goodbye gesture he certainly won’t forget.