Megan Dolski

  • Something’s Missing on Ste. Cats

    Community Saddened as Local Institution Closes Suddenly

    Sometime around lunchtime, at 1909 Ste. Catherine St. W., a phone rings and a mild-mannered, thick-accented gentleman picks up.

  • Police, Protesters Trapped in Cycle of Violence

    The 2013 Anti-Police Brutality March Ended Badly—Again. Here’s a Look at How We Got Here.

    Early last Friday afternoon, in a windowless fluorescent-lit basement on McTavish St., around 40 people attended a workshop advertised as Street Action 101.

  • Finding Creative Ways to Cut

    Administration Seeks Least-Worst Solutions as Funding Woes Plague Concordia

    It doesn’t matter who you ask. Pretty much everyone agrees Concordia’s current financial situation is far from ideal.

  • CUFA Votes “YES” on Strike Mandate

    Full-Time Faculty Joins Concordia’s Part-Time Faculty, Steelworkers as Unions Prepare to Strike

    As of this weekend, forty-eight hours could stand to change a lot at this university.

  • A Vacant Executive

    CSU Tries New Tricks to Fix Old Problems

    If the Concordia Student Union was asked to give a state of the union, the opening statement would likely be “all is not well.”

  • Are Virgins Better People?

    Jessica Valenti Talks Myths, Virginity and Online Feminism

    Jessica Valenti doesn’t believe that a woman’s moral compass is located in between her legs.

  • Unprecedented Gap in CSU Presidency

    Union Still Without a President, Nearly Three Weeks Later

    On Feb. 7, Concordia Student Union president, Schubert Laforest resigned from his position, citing health reasons. On Feb. 13, at around 10:15 p.m., after sitting in a conference room for nearly five hours, the Concordia Student Union council reached the agenda point in which they were tasked to collectively pick a new president.

  • A “Fresh Face” for Student Space

    CSU Attempts to Re-Brand the Concept of a Student Centre

    According to posters currently lining the university’s walls, a student centre is finally coming to Concordia—and it’s called The Habitat.

  • Identical Fees, Unequal Access

    No Progress Towards Fund for Disabled Students at ConU

    Undergraduate students at Concordia pay $1.85 per credit in membership fees to the Concordia Student Union. In return, the CSU claims to represent all of its members…

  • Between Light & Darkness: The Sonia Balazovjech Dance Company

    The Link watched as The Sonia Balazovjech Dance Company ironed out last-minute kinks at their final dress rehearsal of A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream, at Canvas loft space in Lachine.

  • To Clarify the Confusion:

    The word Indian is a legal term in Canada. As of a few weeks ago, non-status and Métis are now also considered Indians under the Constitutional Act of 1867.

  • Something to Say About the CFS

    The Link could have opted to tell you the long and complex story of the Concordia Student Union’s struggle to leave Canadian Federation of Students in our own words, but we thought it might be more effective to let the people who lived through it do so instead.

  • WTF, CFS: Part Two

    We Have a Date—CSU and GSA to Meet CFS in Court—in 2015

    As far-off and hazy in the distance as it may be, freedom from the Canadian Federation of Students might finally be on the horizon for the Concordia Student Union and the Graduate Students’ Association.

  • Moving Real Close

    SBDC Dancers Bring Their Living Room to the Studio

    The story is autobiographical, the creative process inverted and the stage is, well, absent entirely.

  • Idle No More Quebec Gaining Momentum

    Chief Spence Ends Hunger Strike, But Movement Still Growing

    After 44 days of subsisting on nothing more than fish broth and herbal tea, Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence ended her hunger strike on Jan. 23.

  • WTF, CFS: Part One

    The Concordia Student Union and the Canadian Federation of Students are in the midst of a long and trying breakup—but feelings aren’t mutual.

  • Shepard Looks Ahead to the Summit

    Despite recently receiving some bad news in the form of last-minute budget cuts, Concordia President Alan Shepard has high hopes for ConU and the province’s university sector in the upcoming year.

  • Chaos Continues on Council

    Procedural Setbacks Shut Down Progress at CSU

    On Jan. 9, starting more than half an hour late—due to the delayed arrival of pizza—the Concordia Student Union met for the first time this year.

  • New Moves in the Metro

    STM Brings Free Dance Classes to Place-des-Arts

    If you happened to be riding the metro this Sunday afternoon, you might have noticed a little more movement than usual happening underground.

  • Local Idle No More Movement Just Beginning

    Montrealers Take to the Streets in Global Day of Action

    Hundreds of Montrealers sang and danced to vibrant drumbeats as they peacefully weaved through downtown this afternoon as part of a global day of action held in solidarity with the ever-growing Idle No More movement.