Jane Gatensby

  • The Beloved Island

    Two Architects, a Landscape Architect and a Historian of Montreal Talk About Their Favourite Spaces in the City

    “It feels real—it feels like real Montreal. It’s not pretty, but it’s a kind of a different type of beauty: real, cool, relaxed, urban and sexy. That’s the Montreal that I like.”

  • Invigilators Vote Yes to Unionization

    Exam Supervisors to Form Bargaining Unit for Negotiations with Concordia

    In a vote held in November and December, Concordia’s exam supervisors opted to officially organize as a union group under the auspices of Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia.

  • Concordia Teaching Assistant Union Put in Trusteeship

    According to documents obtained by The Link, the union for Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC) has been put into trusteeship by its parent union Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

  • Invigilators One Step Closer to Unionization

    Exam Supervisors to Vote on Forming Bargaining Unit

    In the latest development in a months-long dispute with the university over pay and working conditions, Concordia’s invigilators will vote in November on whether they want to form an official union.

  • Deadline Extended on FEUQ Survey

    Survey of the Living Conditions of Quebec University Students Deadline Extended to April 25

    The Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec has extended the deadline on its Survey of the Living Conditions of Quebec University Students to April 25 after the Concordia Student Union failed to give its students ample time to complete it.

  • A Look at the YMCA’s Homelessness Prevention Program in Montreal’s Central Bus Station

    At the Gare d’autocars de Montréal, the city’s central bus station, passengers stream through, hauling luggage, ushering children and pulling out their smartphones to call friends and family in the city.

  • Students Declare Their Demands Remain Regardless of Election Results

    ‘Night Demonstration’ Ends With No Arrests

    As of yet, an election-night student protest has not been broken up by police.

  • A Lot of Work to Do

    Why Are the Skilled Trades Closed Off to Women?

    It seems that as far as in-demand jobs go, it’s a man’s world. On employment sites, opportunities abound in traditionally masculine domains like auto mechanics, electrical work and plumbing.

  • Science For Sale

    Examining Research Commercialization at Concordia

    In recent decades Canadian universities, including Concordia, rights over their researchers’ work and are attempting to capitalize from it. But returns are slim and costs are high, and the practice has raised ethical concerns. What makes Concordia want to commercialize?

  • Engineering Students Worried About Collusion

    Survey Shows Students Feel Unprepared for Ethical Conflicts

    The allegations of collusion and corruption in the construction industry that have rocked Quebec politics since the Charbonneau…

  • FEUQ Elects New President

    Desjardins and Genest-Grégoire Discuss Next Steps

    After two years at the head of the Fédération Étudiante Universitaire du Québec, Martine Desjardins is stepping down.

  • A Very Different Day of Action

    Student Protest Cut Short by Mass Arrests

    The police continued with a recent trend last night: breaking up protests before they even get to start.

  • The Post-Summit Scramble

    Next Steps for University Leaders

    Cameron Monagle says the Quebec government referring to the indexation of tuition fees as a “relative freeze” is a “load of baloney.”

  • A View From the Summit

    Government Proposes Annual Tuition Increase of 3%

    As the Summit on Higher Education came to a close, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois concluded, “there are no losers here today.”

  • Governance, Tuition Up for Debate at Summit

    Participants Complain of Government Inaction

    After months of planning, preparatory meetings and conflicts over budget cuts…

  • The Cost of Space

    How Construction Spending Is Eating Into University Operating Funds

    At first glance, it seems paradoxical: if Concordia University is so constantly plagued by budget troubles, where does it find the money to keep expanding?

  • The Link’s Guide to Bookstores and Cafes

    How to Find Salvation from the Snow

    Montreal in mid-February can seem like a dark, snowy hold you’ll never get out of.


    A View From Both Sides

    On Feb. 8 and 9. Montreal played host to the renamed Salon des ressources naturelles, a forum on employment to support Plan Nord. Hundreds protested outside, while the forum went on indoors.

  • Nowhere Close

    Debunking the Myth of Free Aboriginal Education

    When it comes to the funding aboriginal university students receive for their learning, Sahra Maclean has heard it all.

  • Allegations of Cliquism and Discrimination in One of Quebec’s Student Federations

    ASSÉ Committee Resigns, Cites Lack of Inclusiveness

    On Feb. 1, the ASSE’s three-member Comité aux luttes sociales, a committee for social struggles, resigned en masse…