Katie McGroarty

  • Sexual Assault Centre in Final Stages of Development

    Centre “Days Away” from Opening

    If all goes according to plan, Concordia will have a Sexual Assault Resource Centre opening within the next few weeks.

  • Used MTL

    Where to find the best in used clothing, books, records and more.

  • Getting There

    Here’s a short breakdown of ways you can get to class, then the bar. Or vice versa!

  • Put the Fun Between Your Legs

    “Yeah, I fix bikes.” It’s a great pickup line, but it helps if you can actually walk the walk—or, in this case, change the tire.

  • No Buzz at This Hive

    Café Plans Stung by Reality

    At the end of last semester, the incoming CSU wanted to have The Hive open by this September. It was to start off as a coffee and pre-made pastry café only, then move on to a full-fledged cafeteria-type establishment.
    However, that’s no longer the case.

  • New CSU Gets Down to Business

    Packed Agenda Stretches First Council Meeting Past 10 Hours

    In keeping with tradition, Wednesday’s CSU council meeting lasted until the early morning hours. But unlike similarly…

  • No Arrests at Anti-Grand Prix Rally

    First CLAC Protest Not to be Declared Illegal This Year

    Approximately 60 protesters took to the street on bicycles in a mobile demonstration against Montreal’s annual Formula One…

  • Standing Up to Harassment

    Anti-Street Harassment Week Comes to Montreal

    The majority of women in the world have experienced street harassment in some form. Whether it is in the form of inappropriate comments, leering or assault, unwelcome harassment in public space is an epidemic that occurs worldwide.

  • “A One-Sided Affair”

    First Nations Elder Raymond Robinson Continues Hunger Strike

    First Nations Elder Raymond Robinson circled the room, shaking each member of the audience’s hand before taking his place in front of the microphone.

  • Catering to Concordia’s Needs

    Spoiler: We’re Doing it Wrong

    If you’re still blissfully unaware or unbothered by the lack of food options at Concordia, you’ve either not spent much time at the Loyola campus or you are a little too fond of overpriced and uninspiring meals.

  • #CSU2013: How We Voted

    With only one candidate facing any competition, the entire CSYou team was victorious this year in the Concordia Student Union elections. But that’s not the whole story.

  • 45 Arrests At ‘Manif du Soir’

    Night Protests Starting Up Again in Montreal

    Protest season has sprung up again in Montreal.

  • An Almost One-Sided Debate

    Low Turn Out for Student Union Debates

    Although all but a single executive position is uncontested in this year’s Concordia Student Union elections, campaigning continued this week with two debates between candidates.

  • After Two Months, A President

    Former VP Sustainabiliy Elected as New CSU President

    This year, the Concordia Student Union set a record. Unprecedented in the university’s history, the union operated for over two months without a president.

  • Anti-Police Brutality Protest Snuffed Out by SPVM

    At first, it seemed like things were over before they had even started.

  • ConU Women’s Winning Ways

    A Look at Three Women Making Things Move at Concordia

    In last week’s Gender and Sexuality Issue, The Link looked at, among other things, the gender breakdown of students and faculty involved at Concordia.
    The results were disappointing, but not unexpected.

  • A Season of Film

    The Link’s Primer to Montreal’s March Movie Scene

    The movie industry’s biggest, most self-congratulatory awards show premiered last Sunday, making many of us lament missing so many films.

  • Nuit Blanche 2013

    The Link’s Tips to Make Your Night One to Remember

    For anyone hailing from elsewhere, the concept behind this coming Saturday night may seem a little odd.

  • CSU to Suzuki: Produce the Post-Mortem

    Council Demands Orientation Report From VP Student Life

    The presidential vacancy wasn’t the only sore point at the last Concordia Student Union council meeting.

  • Feeling Disoriented, Take Two

    VP Student Life’s Orientation Efforts Subject of Debate for Fellow Councillors

    If you were judging by the report that followed, Concordia’s fall Orientation went by, for the most part, without a hitch. Events were well-attended and plans were made in advance. For all intents and purposes, it was a hit.