Julia Wolfe

  • Alan Shepard Gives Hope to Concordia

    One Year Later, Though, Many Problems Remain

    It’s been a transformative year for Concordia.

  • The Student Cafe You Won’t See in September

    “The Hive” Loyola Is Looking for Might Take a While

    Walk up the stairs from the cafeteria at Concordia’s Loyola campus and you won’t see much.

  • Meet Your CSU Exec Candidates

    The Link Talks to Next Year’s Student Union Hopefuls

    Who are the candidates? What’s their platform? The Link has your answers.

  • A Closer Look at CSYou’s Platform Promises

    Deconstructing CSU Executive Candidates’ Plans for 2013-14

    If you don’t live and breathe Concordia politics, you might not understand a lot of the platform points being put forth by CSYou.

  • Nah’msayin?

    May the Faucets Be With You

    When our university went bottled water-free, I was all-in.

  • Concordia Should Reboot Its E-Learning Strategy

    “Real Education for the Real World” Doesn’t Happen Online

    There’s been a lot of talk this year about online learning at Concordia. Board of Governors and Senate meetings keep circling the subject.

  • Committed Enough to Sit on Senate?

    Debate Over Eligibility of Independent Students

    While conflicts between students and administrators may be at an impressive low this year, the documentation governing them has been revealed to have some subtle, yet noteworthy, contradictions.

  • No Words From the (Potential) Provost

    ConU President Proposes Passing Up on Provost Speech

    Concordia President Alan Shepard wants to suspend university bylaws in order to allow provost candidates to forgo the current practice of a required public speech.

  • The Bottom Line

    Surplus Could Become One of ConU’s Worst Deficits

    Concordia will suffer one of its worst deficits in the school’s 30-year history as a result of budget cuts by the provincial government.

  • Concordia Art Offerings

    Interactive Map & Breakdown of On-Campus Art Groups and Facilities

    With performances, galleries and arts-related research projects, Concordia is a hotbed of creative activity—even though a lot of it may go unnoticed by many non-fine arts students.

  • Take Two

    On the Right Track With CUTV

    There’s hope yet for CUTV. Concordia University Television’s general assembly on Saturday provided the organization with a provisional Board of Directors that just might breathe some life into a station desperate for a little CPR.

  • Concordia Starts Up

    Alan Shepard Wants to Bring Tech Culture to ConU, As Soon As He Figures Out What That Means.

  • A New Concordia

    The Beginning of the End of the Governance Crisis

    It was $10 million in settlements, 45 departures and one external review that defined Concordia’s decade-long governance crisis. It might be Alan Shepard and Norman Hébert, Jr. who end it.

  • A New VP on the Horizon?

    Campaigning Begins for CSU Byelection

    During the Concordia Student Union general elections, the race to executive is contentious, cantankerous and damn difficult. But Hajar El Jahidi is poised to avoid all of that—and walk right in mid-mandate.

  • At the Head of the Table

    Concordia’s Department Chairs on Where They Are—And How to Move Forward

    Dr. Yogendra P. Chaubey pauses as he considers the question of optimism. “There is a feeling coming from every corner that anything is on the table,” he says slowly.

  • Is Computation Arts a Model for the Future?

    When I arrived at Concordia, I had no idea what “Computation Arts” was.

  • Does Concordia Need A Student Centre? Con

    It’s time to take a few steps back in the student centre debate.

  • Nah’msayin?

    A Rush and a Push and Berri-UQAM Is Ours

    I live on the lovably belligerent homeless haven that is St. Denis St.

  • Dropping the Gloves

    CSU Councilor Laura Glover Resigns

    Laura Glover has resigned from her position as Concordia Student Union fine arts Councilor Sunday night citing lack of time due to obligations.

  • Get a Room

    After the roller coaster ride that was the Concordia Student Union’s September, it almost feels mean to point out that they can’t even seem to pick a decent-sized room for their council meetings.