Dropping the Gloves

CSU Councilor Laura Glover Resigns

Photo Christopher Curtis

Laura Glover has resigned from her position as Concordia Student Union fine arts Councilor Sunday night citing lack of time due to obligations.

The 2010-2011 CSU VP of Student Life and Sustainability is also the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator of the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program, the Coordinator of the Alternative Spring Break Program through the Dean of Students Office and works as a youth coordinator in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Glover’s resignation is the third of the semester. Former VP Academic and Advocacy Lucia Gallardo was asked to resign by council following her inability to register as a student before the start of term. Councilor Juliana Ramos resigned promptly afterwards in protest.

While Glover’s resignation came as a surprise to CSU President Schubert Laforest, he says he understands her decision and “wishes her the best.”

“She has many other commitments,” said Laforest. “Being a councilor this year is time consuming and hopefully we can find someone who can dedicate themselves completely to the task.”
Laforest added that although her institutional memory will be a loss, it’s a good chance to bring a newer student into the fold. Glover echoed his sentiments, saying that while her time at the CSU provided a valuable learning experience, she is, “[…] happy to give that experience to someone else.”

The resignation doesn’t mean an end to ties with the union, however. “I’ll maintain my commitment to the CSU and will always be available to the CSU if it’s requested of me,” said Glover.
She’s still willing to offer advice to a council that she thinks is struggling to “work as a cohesive unit”—an issue, Glover said, that will hopefully be resolved if council training is held.

The resignation’s timing was not coincidental. The union has a planned byelection for Nov. 27-29 that will hopefully fill all remaining seats on council. Glover wanted her resignation to be official in time for the election.

The application deadlines for the byelection are still to be decided. The CSU is planning to set up a temporary WordPress website with all relevant information while they address internal technical issues on the official website.