Elysha del Giusto-Enos

  • Your Guide to FRINGE Fest 2013

    The Link Reviews FRINGE Offerings

    The 23rd edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival is currently in full party mode, so grab a program and Fringe away!

  • Nah’msayin

    Invasion Art

    Have you ever wondered how 20-something girls live? Care to come down the rabbit hole? Explore seven-and-a-half rooms of girly things sprawled out without care in an impromptu living-art performance, titled My Landlord is Selling the Apartment, now in its third month?

  • Selling Vinyl and Screening a Hip-Hopera

    Music Lovers Rejoice for a Week of CJLO Fundraiser Events

    Concordia’s resident indie radio station, CJLO 1690AM, is kicking off its second annual FUNdrive this week with a hip- hopera and a 24-hour marathon broadcast.

  • Adventurer or Avoider?

    Concordia Theatre’s Peer Gynt Shows a Restless Life

    A professional procrastinator might just be someone who makes strange choices. Or could they be victims of circumstance? That question is one of the themes covered in Peer Gynt.

  • No Good Faith for Concordia’s Unions

    Following Faculty Strike Mandates, TRAC Now Contemplating Their Own

    If 1.5 per cent of the students represented by Concordia’s teaching and research assistants union go to the annual meeting this Friday, the university’s TAs and RAs…

  • Nah’msayin?

    Stir Crazy

    When I started drinking coffee I’d chew on a teaspoon of my dad’s Taster’s Choice coffee crystals, chase them with a glass of water, and run out the door. Eventually I learned to manage my time well enough to boil the water first and then put the instant coffee in it.

  • A Bed, a Breakup, a Warehouse, a Play

    ’90s Gen-Xers Overlap With Today’s Young Adults in Ludwig & Mae

    It worked in Berlin and Santiago, but are Montreal audiences ready for a grunge-era play trilogy about 20-somethings trying to figure out life?

  • The Gender & Sexuality Issue

    Human beings seem to like dualities. Life is easier to navigate that way. But binaries don’t always slip so neatly onto human affairs, however much we’d like them to. In this special issue, we look at man/woman and gay/straight.

  • A New Sexual Standard

    The Nature of Relationships and Sexual Orientations Are Evolving

    There are so many iconic representations of love, sex and desire embedded in our social consciousness, it’s hard not to get a picture of what it is well before we even start our own relationships.

  • Sugar, Spice and Blood Packets

    EDGY Women 2013 Mixes Sport With Extreme Feminism

    There’s some debate over whether one artist will be bringing her own 1,500-pound pillar of clay or if the EDGY Women Festival has to provide it.

  • Mapping the Main

    A Guide to Montreal’s Venues

    St. Laurent Blvd. and its surroundings represent one of the most vivid and thriving cultural arteries in town.

  • Much More Than a City Park

    The Fight to Preserve Mount Royal Is Ongoing

    That giant park that gave our city its name has a lot going on, but most people don’t know it’s more than just a mountain.

  • Hot Feet, Cool Head

    Montreal’s Capoeira Community Teaches More Than Street Fighting

    At the surface, capoeira appears to be nothing more than a game—a “war dance” that flows to a series of non-verbal cues to music.

  • When 16-Year-Olds Hold the Key

    Quebec and Scotland Both Have the Same Idea for Gaining Independence

    The people who gave deep-fried Mars bars a place on snack shop menus and the ones who know a dozen different ways to serve cheese curds over fries are finally united over so much more than dubious culinary standards.

  • Nah’msayin?

    What Part of “Off” Don’t You Understand?

    Yes I’m sure. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I’m leaving the house. I want to turn my computer off.

  • Not Your Parents’ Chinese New Year

    Chinatown Hosts Dance Show to Ring in Year of the Snake

    Television and radio have gone the way of auditoriums and gramophones for Montreal’s young entertainers.

  • The Solar System is Glass

    Free Fine Arts Lecture Series Every Other Friday at Concordia

    Concordia’s Fine Arts department has been inviting artists to speak in free events for years, but with their new lecture series, Conversations in Contemporary Art, it’s a bi-weekly affair.

  • A Luxury Arctic Survival Experience

    The New Snow Village Is a Branded-Igloo Cold Trap. Beware.

  • A Two-Night Stand

    Playwright Rena Hundert Presents Her Work With A Variety Show

    Concordia theatre grad and local comedienne Rena Hundert is presenting two one-act plays for the first time at the freestanding room this week.

  • After the Party It’s the Après Ski

    New Concert Series Delivers for Late-Night Igloofest Goers

    Most big festivals end up spawning small, alternative offshoots that run on the same theme. For Montreal’s premiere winter party—Igloofest—that comes in the form of a brand new event called Après Ski.