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  • Queer Resource Map

    Queer Resource Map

  • How to Build a Fire

    Montreal and Brooklyn Queer performers are connecting and collaborating to go “beyond thinking outside the box,” as Jordan Arsenault, a Montreal-based drag star and workshop host, puts it.

  • Special Issue

    Free To Be

    We understand that every issue is unique as it pertains to our chosen identity, our gender, our spirituality and the ways in which we express ourselves.

  • News

    Clearing the Air

    Despite large losses incurred operating Reggie’s student bar, CUSACorp is posting a profit for the second consecutive month.
    According to files provided by Concordia Student Union’s VP Finance Zhuo Ling, CUSACorp, the CSU’s for-profit arm, made a net profit of $960 in October.

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    Looking at the Fine Details

    How much space will students own in the student union building? Members of Free Education Montreal asked that question in an open meeting last Thursday.

  • Opinions

    Misleading Marketing

    The construction of the Student Centre, or more appropriately, the Student Union Building, is inevitable.

  • News

    Sustainable Business Day Hosts Energy Tycoons

    Sustainability and commercial expansion may seem oxymoronic, but not when big business defines it.
    “Business students at John Molson School of Business [should] start rethinking the definition of the bottom line,” said Shelly Elslinger, a Concordia career advisor, at the Sustainable Business Day conference on Nov. 5.

  • Opinions

    Lucrative Liquids

    Would it make sense if my landlord installed a coin machine that charged me a dollar to get into my apartment? How about if air was privatized and I had to pay by the breath? The answer to both questions is no. It would be completely ridiculous to pay for something that I already own.

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    Safe Sex in the Stacks

    The Concordia Student Union, Queer Concordia, the 2110 Center for Gender Advocacy and Health Services are wrapped up in negotiations to provide distribution centres with free safe-sex kits on campus.

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    Queer Concordia Reaches Beyond Gay Community

    Over the years, Queer Concordia—one of the longest running clubs on campus—has been through many changes.
    The club has seen new executives, new mandates to address the transitioning issues that affect the university’s queer community, and even new names: the Queer Union gave way to Queer Alliance which eventually became Queer Concordia.

  • News

    Middle East Mag Bridges East and West

    North Americans just need to take a glimpse at the news to know that Western and Arabic cultures seem to be constantly butting heads. News media doesn’t help ease the stereotypical polarization that exists between the two societies, like when a camera and microphone are turned towards a certain extremist Florida pastor threatening to burn a Qur’an in his backyard.

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    Perhaps you’ve noticed the catchy new poster campaign proliferating in the hallways asking what you want your student centre to look like. The posters offer suggestions to entice your imagination: a lounge, a kitchen, a study space, maybe even a massage parlour…

  • Standing Up Against Homophobia

    Amidst the pouring rain, nearly 100 candles illuminated Parc de l’Espoir where an Oct. 6 vigil was held to commemorate the deaths of young people who suffered through homophobic bullying.

  • Sports

    Women’s Hockey Hosts 43rd Annual Theresa Humes Tournament

    From Oct. 1 to Oct. 3, four women’s hockey teams came to commemorate Theresa Humes, the woman who succeeded in putting Concordia female athletics on the map, by doing what she loved the most: playing some good ol’ fashioned hockey.

  • Opinions

    The Frac Job

    It’s not far-fetched to say that the massive Utica shale gas deposit found in the lowlands of Quebec is the best thing that ever happened to La Belle Province, given its fragile economic state.
    According to an official government document released on Mar. 31, 2010, Quebec had accumulated over $160 billion in debt while enjoying such perks as some of the lowest tuition rates and some of the best health care in the country.

  • News

    Delicious Library

    The ringing of acoustic strings and the laughs of lively children filled Burritoville’s three-floor complex on Sept. 25.

  • Opinions

    Bang, Bang, Bang

    On Wednesday Sept. 22, the Long Gun Registry survived as Paliament voted down Bill C-391—a motion to kill the law—by a slim margin. The Long Gun Registry is still under intense debate.

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    ATMs Keep CUSACorp Afloat

    The only thing keeping the Concordia Student Union’s profit-making arm in the black are fees from on-campus ATM transactions.

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    Food Fair Feeds Students Ethically

    For Sustainable Concordia, eating food isn’t just a dine-and-dash affair—it’s a culinary coming-of-age.

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    Friends of Council

    A hastily formed Concordia Student Union council meeting resulted in the available committee positions getting filled largely by friends of the existing executive.