Friends of Council

Last Minute Council Meeting Cemented Committee Members

A hastily formed Concordia Student Union council meeting resulted in the available committee positions getting filled largely by friends of the existing executive.

The council meeting was initially booked for Sept. 22, the fourth Wednesday of the month, but was rescheduled last minute due to a clerical error—council meetings are always scheduled on the third Wednesday of each month.

According to CSU Council secretary Jenny Jaykay Kim, members of council were only notified a week before the meeting. Consequently, some council and executive members could not attend, and many were late.

At the beginning of the meeting, a motion to excuse absentees of this meeting because of the short notice had been unanimously passed. If a council member does not attend three council meetings, they will be discharged.

Also, Committee and Senate positions were all open for students-at-large to compete for. Though the CSU claimed that they had placed posters on the wall, it was not sufficient to warn the student body of new opportunities.

Diana Sitoianu was appointed to Events Committee, Leslie Reifer was appointed to External/Campaigns Committee, and Marvin Colby was appointed to Arts and Science Senate. All listed committee members found out about the open positions through friends sitting in council and executive positions.

Melissa Lemieux is the only student-at-large who was designated a committee position that did not find out about the position through members of the CSU. Through her credentials, she obtained a spot in the academic and custodial committee. The process proved to be long, grueling and pushed into numerous closed sessions.

Places in the appointments, finance, clubs and space, sustainability, and policy reform committees remain open.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 06, published September 21, 2010.