Christopher Curtis

  • Rich Franklin, Company Man

    UFC Fighter Nears the End of a Career Marked by Losses

    Rich Franklin was a company man. I can’t think of any other way to eulogize Franklin’s career as an Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter.

  • Jewish Guilt vs. Catholic Guilt

    I’m really sorry about this. I’m just going to get that out of the way.

  • An Activist in the Assembly

    MNA Amir Khadir Wants Tuition Frozen and More Options in Politics

    Although the province is a hotbed for progressive ideas, its political landscape is still defined by a 250-year-old language debate.

  • Kill, Kill, Kill

    The Cruel Fate of Paul Daley

    As he stepped into the cage in the centre of a sparse Montreal crowd screaming for him to “kill, kill, kill,” it must have been difficult for Paul Daley not to realize how abrupt his fall from grace has been.

  • Trapped in a Prison

    MMA Fighter Nick Diaz and the Dark Side of the Ring

    Here was a champion—one of the people who ushered the sport of mixed martial arts into mainstream consciousness, no less—quickly starting to fade.

  • Chud Fights in the Coliseum

    A Night of Profanity, Screaming and Language Politics

    At some point in my adult life, it will no longer be appropriate to conceal a bottle of gin between my pants and pelvis in order to get drunk at a prizefight.

  • The Endless Campaign

    “We have a message of hope. [Prime Minister] Harper has a message of fear.” Liberal MP Marc Garneau’s blunt assessment of this year’s federal election embodies the balancing act his party has employed since the last time Canadians went to the polls in September 2008.

  • Show Me the Money

    Student Union Pays ASFA $10,000 After Ticket Gaffe

    An event one Concordia Student Union executive called “cost neutral” on March 14 will instead set the CSU back $29,000. After failing to sell 950 of the 1,000 tickets it purchased for a conference called Youth Action Montreal, the student union decided to give away their remaining tickets, incurring a $19,000 loss.

  • Youth in Revolt

    CEGEP Students Lead the Charge Against Tuition

    Heavily armored riot police banged their shields and batons together in unison, yelling “move!” with every step forward.

  • Union Votes for Strike Mandate

    Concordia’s Trade Workers Seek Better Wages

    After months of stalled negotiations with the university, the 62 trade workers at Concordia’s Sir George Williams Campus voted unanimously in favour of a strike mandate on March 31.

  • CEGEP Students Take Action

    Another Budget Protest Turns Ugly

    For the second week in a row, students clashed with riot police in downtown Montreal during a protest against Quebec’s new austerity budget. On March 31, thousands of CEGEP students blocked traffic, chanted in favour of a general strike and marched on Premier Charest’s office protesting tuition hikes and increases in user fees outlined in the Liberals’ 2011-2012 budget.

  • The Fee Levies

    Who Wants Your Money and Why?

    Since 2008, when CJLO took to the city’s AM airwaves, the student-run radio station has been named one of North America’s best by The Huffington Post.

  • Poster Controversy Cuts Campaign Short

    Your Concordia Accused of Smearing Action

    For the third year in a row, the final day of campaigning in the Concordia Student Union elections was marred by controversy.

  • Fine Arts Students Oppose Action Candidate

    Petition Against Tomer Shavit Signed by 150

    A student is circulating a petition opposing the candidacy of Tomer Shavit, who is running to represent fine arts students on Senate in this year’s Concordia Student Union election.

  • Tuition on the Rise

    Cost of University Will Nearly Double by 2017

    It’s official, your tuition is going up. Five years from now the average Quebec student will be paying nearly twice as much for a university education.

  • Action’s Endorsement Blunder

    Website Prematurely Assumes Support from 28 Clubs

    Natalie Bocking was shocked to discover that the Action slate had listed NDP Concordia as one of its supporters.

  • Independent’s Day

    Student Union Council Candidates Want Change

    With no budgets or glossy posters and without the support of the dozens of candidates that make up one of the two political machines running in the year’s Concordia Student Union election

  • All Is Not Well

    Another Student Union VP Quits

    Another student union VP has resigned, putting forth serious allegations against the union’s executive:
    Falsified financial documents,

  • Proof of the Puppeteer

    Former Student Union President Running Secret Slate: Student

    A Concordia student is alleging that former Concordia Student Union President Amine Dabchy has been secretly cooperating with the CSU’s current executive to run a slate in next week’s elections.

  • Gay-Bashing

    Pre-Fight Slurs are Unsportsmanlike

    When UFC middleweight Michael Bisping used a homophobic slur to insult his opponent before their Feb. 26 fight, he crossed a line.