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    Thinking About You

    On the night of Nov. 14, the Ukrainian Federation was packed, but not for one of the intimate concerts the part-time Mile-End venue is known for. Rather, the crowd had gathered to see a writer. Miranda July, the woman responsible for the films Me, You and Everyone We Know and The Future was there to read from her new book, It Chooses You.

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    Abandon Everything You Know

    Doldrums by definition refers to stagnation, a belt of baffling winds, or a dull state of depression.

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    FIFA Festival: Fringe Arts Picks the Flicks

    The International Festival of Films on Art is a dream for any artist. This multi-disciplinary 10-day festival is the largest of its kind in the world and continues to grow and diversify every year.

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    Art Educators of the Future

    Not all artists are concerned with the environment. But some are.

  • Opinions


    I just took a sip from a water fountain in the Hall building. Before I leaned down to take the sip, a bulletin board caught my eye.

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    Laytonest of the Best

    Four emerging writers from Concordia’s Creative Writing program—Nick Comilla, Jason Freure, Candice Maddy Fridman and Emma Healey—r

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    Puro Instinct — Headbangers In Ecstasy

    Turquoise sonic and padded melodies like e-mails like moss gardens like death petals make you feel when you don’t care

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    Art, Splattered

    Today marks the official first day of the Art Matters Festival 2011. Now in its 11th year, the festival runs for a mere three weeks and involves the work of more than 200 Concordia students.

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    Missing Justice Marches Against Violence

    Montrealers took to Cabot Square yesterday to call for the return of federal funding to the Sisters in Spirit database of murdered and missing Aboriginal women,

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    Unlimited Internet?

    Canadians breathed a sigh of relief last Thursday when the federal government opposed the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission’s plan to implement usage-based billing on Internet providers.

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    A Fleeting Glimpse of Colour

    There has been an abundance of events occurring within Concordia’s artistic sphere over the past two weeks with the kick-off of the Fine Arts Student Alliance’s Lecture Series, I Would Like To Answer Your Question But The Truth Is I Just Don’t Know. The series explores the extremely broad topic of space in all its manifestations.

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    Spin on Spins

    On Jan. 14, Trish Keenan, lead singer of Broadcast, passed away of pneumonia.

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    Space Case

    Over the next few weeks, the Fine Arts Student Alliance will be hosting a lecture series that offers a discussion on identity and its relationship to the external world.

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    I don’t even know why I like you but you kept me in on New Years. You’re keeping me away and under and turning.

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    Under an Exploding Sun

    In a city where earthquakes crack open concrete streets to reveal cockroaches and Aztec secrets, where Modernist buildings stand beside temples with gold walls,

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    Instinctual Intellects

    Galerie PUSH will play host to an exhibition curated by Kyle Beal. The basis: circles.
    Out Thinking in Circles, in Circles Thinking Out will feature multi-disciplinary works that specifically integrate the circle or the circular as the dominant element of the work. The vernissage ventures to twist traditional connotations such as time, unity or the universe to loopy “spiritual rings and meanings found at the periphery.” The featured works “orbit a space from the horizon to the belly button.”

  • Queer Resource Map

    Queer Resource Map

  • Two-Spirit

    ‘Two-spirit’ is a recently recovered term revisited by Aboriginal communities to draw together the cultural, sexual, spiritual and historical aspects of their identity. The term refers to Aboriginal individuals who identify with both—or neither—gender.

  • TRANSformation

    The freedom to express, the freedom to know oneself and the freedom to communicate with and educate one another—this is what it’s all about.

  • Special Issue

    Free To Be

    We understand that every issue is unique as it pertains to our chosen identity, our gender, our spirituality and the ways in which we express ourselves.