Clay Hemmerich

  • Getaway

    “My nerves aren’t all there right now,” says Sarah, shaking as we walk outside of our highway motel.

  • Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop

    Laws and Stoppers Will Not Jam Skate Culture

    When your main mode of transportation is a wooden plank, metal trucks, four wheels and a death wish, the mainstream populace doesn’t really like you around so much.
    When skaters try to lob frontside flips on someone’s turf, a big man with big authority has orders to get them out of sight. But I have no qualms with the security guard that’s doing his job—my qualms are with the people upstairs making the rules.

  • No Compassion

    SPVM Busts Up Marijuana, Clubs that is

    Since June, 25 people have been arrested after the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal raided four medical marijuana distribution centres, known as compassion clubs, in Montreal.

  • Quick Read

    The Devil You Know

    Now that I’ve read Jenn Farrell’s latest collection of short stories, The Devil You Know, I understand the grim feeling of depression.

  • Editorial

    Project Noise is Killing the Music Scene

    There was a lot of buzz this summer about noise pollution in Montreal, particularly in the Plateau-Mont Royal borough.
    Over the past three months, there were 3,000 noise complaints in the area. Notably, reputable music festivals like the Osheaga music festival and a Pop Montreal showcase held at Parc des Ameriques experienced the brunt of new efforts by the city of Montreal to address the issue of noise pollution.

  • Get What You’re Paying For

    A Comprehensive List of Your Fee-Levy Services

    You know that one line on your tuition bill that says Student Association and Activity Fee? Well, that one line represents 13 groups on campus that provide services that many undergrads go through university never knowing they can use.

  • Hitting the Pavement

    Students raise $9,000 for Pakistan

    University students from Concordia, McGill and the Universite de Montreal garnered support for those in Pakistan suffering from a catastrophic natural disaster.

  • Editorial

    Assigned and undemocratic

    Over the summer months, the Concordia Student Union has been playing a game of musical chairs without giving students a voice about who’s sitting where.

  • A Greener Concordia

    Green wall to Blossom on Reggie’s Terrace

    Concordia students will enjoy a greener Reggie’s terrace this fall.

    Co-operative Verticale and Concordia University collaborated to build the school’s first green wall. Two large steel brackets—each approximately four feet by eight feet—are fixed to the wall on Reggies terrace on either side of an existing mural and filled with plants.

  • Grappling with Islamophobia

    The Proposed Community Centre Near Ground Zero Raises the Issue of Ideological War

    Recently I spoke with a girl who had immigrated to Canada from the United States. As we talked, she told me, “you know somebody’s true character when they’re faced with a threat. When America was faced wi­th the 9/11 attacks, its first instinct was revenge instead of uniting together as a country. I didn’t like that, I don’t like people like that, so I left.”