Clay Hemmerich

  • Will Canada’s Markets Get Monopolized?

    Maple Group’s TMX Takeover Not Ready Yet

    Canada’s capital marketplace is bound for a complete overhaul.

  • Oliver’s All Over It

    Maybe the Real Contestation Is in His Heart

    Does Oliver Cohen’s contestation ruling that ousted the entire newly elected CSU deserve a slap on the back or a slap in the face? My metaphoric hand is yet to be reddened by either of those gestures because I can’t decide if he’s a martyr or just plain silly.

  • The Slate System Is Flawed

    This election season showcased the usual poster night protests and campaign complaints (pre- and post-), but all of these complaints are minor details considering that the whole slate system is flawed.

  • Erroneous

    I have a big problem with your content last week. I once respected all of you, but I take it all back.

  • Concerning The Link ‘s Integrity

    If the Concordia Student Union executive team are North America’s leaders of tomorrow, I’m glad I moved to the Eastern hemisphere.

  • Huff Po: the McDonalds of News Media

    AOL Expands Editorial Section With The Huffington Post Merger

    One of news media’s glimmering beacons of hope just went corporate, officially.

  • The Fight

    Riley starts looking around Lumphini Stadium for someone to bet with.

  • Is the STM Selling Out?

    Last week, the deadline passed for corporate sponsors to tender their company’s bid to plaster Montreal’s Metro lines with logos

  • Skateboarding in a Hostile City

    Fifteen minutes into a midnight skate session with friends at Peace Park last summer, a homeless man hassled me into doing a kickflip for him. I relented with a pop and a flick, and let my board spin around once.

  • JMSB Closing Case Competitions

    Concordia’s John Molson School of Business Competition Program is teaching business students how to win.

  • Igms: Crescent Table Talk

    A Couple Seats Short of Democracy

    What was supposed to be a roundtable discussion at Thursday’s Information General Meeting turned out to be more of a semi-circle in practice

  • Counterfeit Textbook Ring Busted

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cracked down on four photocopy stores that doubled as counterfeit textbook dealers in the surrounding Concordia area.

  • A Room With a View

    Concordia Greenhouse Open to All

    Concordia students are seldom sun-kissed in the winter as they commute in tunnels and are confined in windowless classrooms

  • Henry Aubin on Us Damn Kids

    The Age of Facebook Has Ruined Us: Poll

    Seasoned Gazette columnist Henry Aubin wrote an opinions piece on Jan. 22, tackling the “self-absorbed, less caring Canada of the future” by outlining the findings from a seriously stacked poll.

  • Editorial

    Time For Some Soul Searching

    With the exception of Concordia’s Alumni Association and a handful of other student representatives, the entire Concordia community condemned the process by which our former president has been dismissed.

  • Safer Sex On Campus

    Concordia Sex Kit Distribution Centers Await Approval From CSU Council

    Free condoms, lube, and gloves on campus are becoming a reality, according to Concordia Student Union VP Sustainability and Promotions Morgan Pudwell.

  • The Coltan Conundrum

    How a Mineral Essential to the Cellphone Industry Contributes to an Ongoing Human Rights Nightmare

    The smartphone industry is booming and there is no sign of it slowing down. The mobile phone market is expected to be worth over $200 billion USD in 2013.

  • White Obsession

    Billion Dollar Lotion Industry Fuels Insecurities

    BANGKOK, THAILAND—Westerners on vacation in Thailand usually get stoked on laying out in the sand at tropical island beaches and getting a sexy tan.

  • Lit Writ


    The end started with a phone call at night.
    I was wasting the day for this one because the verdict was in the hands of this girl—the apple of my eye.

  • Safe Injection Sites: Aiding Addiction In What Way?

    Say what you will about the safe injection site slated to open in Montreal next summer—with or without the approval of the provincial government