Clay Hemmerich

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    Will Canada’s Markets Get Monopolized?

    Canada’s capital marketplace is bound for a complete overhaul.

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    Oliver’s All Over It

    Does Oliver Cohen’s contestation ruling that ousted the entire newly elected CSU deserve a slap on the back or a slap in the face? My metaphoric hand is yet to be reddened by either of those gestures because I can’t decide if he’s a martyr or just plain silly.

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    The Slate System Is Flawed

    This election season showcased the usual poster night protests and campaign complaints (pre- and post-), but all of these complaints are minor details considering that the whole slate system is flawed.

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    I have a big problem with your content last week. I once respected all of you, but I take it all back.

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    Concerning The Link ‘s Integrity

    If the Concordia Student Union executive team are North America’s leaders of tomorrow, I’m glad I moved to the Eastern hemisphere.

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    Huff Po: the McDonalds of News Media

    One of news media’s glimmering beacons of hope just went corporate, officially.

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    The Fight

    Riley starts looking around Lumphini Stadium for someone to bet with.

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    Is the STM Selling Out?

    Last week, the deadline passed for corporate sponsors to tender their company’s bid to plaster Montreal’s Metro lines with logos

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    Skateboarding in a Hostile City

    Fifteen minutes into a midnight skate session with friends at Peace Park last summer, a homeless man hassled me into doing a kickflip for him. I relented with a pop and a flick, and let my board spin around once.

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    JMSB Closing Case Competitions

    Concordia’s John Molson School of Business Competition Program is teaching business students how to win.

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    Igms: Crescent Table Talk

    What was supposed to be a roundtable discussion at Thursday’s Information General Meeting turned out to be more of a semi-circle in practice

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    Counterfeit Textbook Ring Busted

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cracked down on four photocopy stores that doubled as counterfeit textbook dealers in the surrounding Concordia area.

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    A Room With a View

    Concordia students are seldom sun-kissed in the winter as they commute in tunnels and are confined in windowless classrooms

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    Henry Aubin on Us Damn Kids

    Seasoned Gazette columnist Henry Aubin wrote an opinions piece on Jan. 22, tackling the “self-absorbed, less caring Canada of the future” by outlining the findings from a seriously stacked poll.

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    With the exception of Concordia’s Alumni Association and a handful of other student representatives, the entire Concordia community condemned the process by which our former president has been dismissed.

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    Safer Sex On Campus

    Free condoms, lube, and gloves on campus are becoming a reality, according to Concordia Student Union VP Sustainability and Promotions Morgan Pudwell.

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    The Coltan Conundrum

    The smartphone industry is booming and there is no sign of it slowing down. The mobile phone market is expected to be worth over $200 billion USD in 2013.

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    White Obsession

    BANGKOK, THAILAND—Westerners on vacation in Thailand usually get stoked on laying out in the sand at tropical island beaches and getting a sexy tan.

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    Lit Writ

    The end started with a phone call at night.
    I was wasting the day for this one because the verdict was in the hands of this girl—the apple of my eye.

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    Safe Injection Sites: Aiding Addiction In What Way?

    Say what you will about the safe injection site slated to open in Montreal next summer—with or without the approval of the provincial government