Justin Giovannetti

  • Student Union Ticket Giveaway Hits ASFA Hard—In the Wallet

    The Concordia Student Union’s decision to give away $19,000 of tickets for Youth Action Montreal, a conference on April 28, has been described as a “slap in the face” by its partner.

  • Budget Protest Heats Up

    This is Only the Start, Continue the Fight: Students

    The opposition to Quebec’s new austerity budget heated up last week when protesters occupied the Minister of Finance’s office in Montreal as a “warning” to the Charest Liberals.

  • Too Big to Care

    Tenants Say Rent is Too Damn High and Forcing Them Out

    Many of the businesses around Concordia complain that the rent is too high and that repairs are too slow. They feel that their landlord is too big to care.

  • Concordia’s Governance Jury

    Concordia has turned to former McGill Principal Bernard Shapiro for help guiding the university out of a leadership crisis that is now nearly three months old.

  • Student Union Sues CFS

    Two Year Saga Continues

    Over the past three years, seven student unions across the country have tried to sue their way out of the Canadian Federation of Students. On March 17, the Concordia Student Union became number eight.

  • Three Years Without Oversight

    No Audit at the Graduate Student Association since 2008

    Due to an inadequate filing system that seemingly involved stuffing receipts into brown envelopes,

  • All Is Not Well

    Another Student Union VP Quits

    Another student union VP has resigned, putting forth serious allegations against the union’s executive:
    Falsified financial documents,

  • Student Union: Not Sustainable

    Fourth Concordia Student Union VP Quits

    Near midnight on March 3, Concordia Student Union VP Sustainability & Promotions Morgan Pudwell sent her resignation notice to the Council’s 30 members and five remaining executives.

  • The Director of ASFA

    President-elect Speaks About Apathy, Accreditation and Allowances

    Alex Gordon, the president-elect of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, is keeping mum about his plans for his time in office.
    Running unopposed, a spiky coiffed Gordon was elected with 77.4 per cent of the 855 votes cast during the ASFA election, which ran from Feb. 15 to 17.

  • Victory at Any Cost?

    Despite ‘Overwhelming’ Corruption in Afghanistan, Canada Fights On

    The true scale of Afghanistan’s corruption only became obvious in December when cables released by WikiLeaks depicted a state rotten to its very core, festering with bribery, extortion and embezzlement at every level of government.

  • Board Outsources Scrutiny

    Concordia’s Board of Governors Sends Leadership Review to External Committee

    Tempers flared at the Board of Governors’ Feb. 17 meeting as two-dozen irritated faculty members openly challenged the sitting chair and heckled Concordia’s interim president. The jeers were met by poorly veiled threats from long-sitting governors.

  • The Man Behind The Curtain

    Students Should Reconsider the Faubourg: Wener

    Forty-eight hours before Concordia’s undergraduates overwhelmingly rejected a $43 million bid to place the long-planned student centre in the Faubourg,


    Your Student Representatives: Rude and Unrepresentative

    With students crowding the gallery for the first time in years at a Concordia Student Union Council meeting, many councillors left their manners at the door on Feb. 9 and showed their true colours.

  • May I Blank Your Blank?

    Posters put up in the Hall building featuring a blackboard, two giggling cats and the word “pussy” were too much for someone at Concordia.

  • Student Union Should Break Even

    Despite having $1,038,067.72 at their disposal, three of the Concordia Student Union’s six executives have already spent more than the amount they were allotted.

  • A Tale of Two Student Centres

    The 50 Year Battle for Student Space on Campus

    The Daytime Student Association of Sir George Williams University started collecting a fee levy of $5 per year at registration in 1965 for a Student Centre

  • Streams of Information

    The End of the Newspaper’s Monopoly and How it Intends to Survive

    Every year, fewer people pick up issues of the newspaper you are holding.

  • Six week­­s in, 241 TAs yet to be paid

    Paying February’s rent was tough for 241 of Concordia’s Teaching and Research Assistants as snarled paperwork has delayed their first paycheques.

  • Shootin’ the Breeze With Uncle Graham

    Provost Calls on Students to Define Concordia’s Future

    Concordia has a growing and energetic student family, new buildings, fully stocked laboratories and a balanced budget.

  • Donations Plummet with University Crisis

    Donors Fall by up to 80 per cent: Employees

    After Concordia’s Board of Governors dismissed President Judith Woodsworth on Dec. 22, the student callers at the Alumni Relations office found unwelcoming ears and little enthusiasm as they solicited donations.