Special Issue

  • You Can’t Have Your Apple And Eat It Too

    How corporately irresponsible is Apple?

    It’s very easy to blame third parties that are based in authoritarian states for the shortcomings in your supply chain. The third most profitable company of all time ought to begin taking responsibility and cease to outsource their labour to countries whose employment laws fall way below those in North America.

  • Simplifying the Student User Experience

    How Smartphone Apps are Changing Universities

    There’s an app for everything. Whether you’re looking for a ride, medical advice or girl scout cookies, a 20-second download is the only thing in your way.

  • Food & Sustainability Microsite

    Check out our succulent microsite for our Food & Sustainability issue!

    Check it out here!

  • Bean Me, Cleanly

    Montreal Hops Aboard the Third Wave Coffee Movement

    Coffee has become Canada’s fuel. Every day approximately 65% of adult Canadians consume coffee, according to the Coffee Association of Canada.

  • Sprouting Green Thumbs on Campus

    Greenhouses Provide Students with a Year-Round Urban Refuge

    Greenhouses are a source of sunlight in the winter and an opportunity to share research and knowledge, in addition to contributing to urban agriculture and providing a connection to growing plants.

  • Guerrilla Gardeners

    NDG-Based Cycle AlimenTerre Brings Produce to Food Desert

    “Permaculture is looking at natural ecosystems, looking at how they thrive […] and mimicking these same symbiotic relationships that exist in nature,” Godber said, adding that permaculture can be implemented not just in rural areas, but also in backyard plots and even on city blocks.

  • A Mealtime Epic

    Chartwells, Sysco and the Future of Food at Concordia

    A request for proposal (RFP) for a new campus-wide food service provider is under negotiation between many groups, including students; it will be ready by the end of the year, according to Concordia University spokesperson Chris Mota. It’s been almost 12 years since Chartwells signed an exclusive contract with Concordia University.

  • How Trading with Europe Can Make Canada More Sustainable

    Transatlantic Dining

    While Canadian cuisine pales in comparison to some of Europe’s food capitals, ongoing negotiations to open trade between the two may see more delicacies like Polish vodka in Canadian stores.

  • Growing Up Without Growth

    The Sustainability Movement Learns to Recognize Social Justice

    The sustainability movement is growing up.

  • Provender Takes on the Food Industry Middleman

    Montreal Startup Seeks to Spread the Seeds of Localism

    The massive reduction in food miles that local food systems create has immense environmental benefits.