Reina Ephrahim

  • Human Nature vs. Mother Nature: Is There a Victor?

    Make Like the Lorax and Fight for All Beings’ Right to Life.

    The dominant discriminatory ideology of speciesism is invisible to corporate and government power.

  • Stop Assuming Who I Am

    Do Not Stereotype Me;  You Don’t Know Who I Am

    My name is Reina Ephrahim. You, the reader, cannot see my face as you read, and will proceed to analyze my entire existence from my name. Hence why I’ve taken the liberty to do it for you. My first name — Reina — is Spanish, meaning queen. My last name — Ephrahim — is Jewish, from the book of Genesis in the Bible; for others, the Torah or the Koran.

  • Lotus Collective Organizes First Sunday Soul Session Femme Jam

    Mindful Bar Hosts Event Aimed At Women, Femme, Gender Nonconforming Musicians

    When I stepped into Mindful Bar on Oct. 27, I was unaware of the wave of creativity, talent, humility, and genuine come-togetherness I was about to get hit with.