Special Issue

Mental Health Special Issue

It’s hard, sometimes, being a person.

  • A Comic

    Talkin’ bout mental illness.

  • The Anxious Mind and Its Many Forms

    What You Should Know and What You Can Do to Help

    It’s important to note that anxiety should never be generalized. Anxiety elicits a different reaction from everyone who suffers from it.

  • Anything and Everything But ADHD

    The Perils of Undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorders

    For women with undiagnosed ADHD, unorthodox coping mechanisms are survival rituals.
  • Assessing Student Stress

    Exploring Mindfulness as a Coping Mechanism

    In the city of Uppsala, Sweden, they have this thing called the Flogsta scream. Every evening, at about 10 p.m., university students living in the neighbourhood let out raging screams from their apartment windows and into the night.

  • To That Friend Who Does Too Much

    High-Functioning Anxiety

    I walked through my adolescence believing that how I felt was a symptom of being in high school—never addressing my fears, always internalizing them.

  • Mapping Concordia’s Services

    On the Ambitious Project to Examine How the University Fails and Meets Its Students’ Needs

    The classroom is a concept not often questioned.

  • Is Our Penal System Lacking?

    Prisoners Deserve Mental Health Care Too

    University of the Streets Café is part of the Office of Community Engagement at Concordia. They’ve been hosting weekly events all fall at cafes around Montreal and getting citizens from all walks of life to sit down and share perspectives on various topics of interest in casual, informal settings.

  • Boys Don’t Cry

    But We Should

    I can’t honestly speak to the gender theory of hypermasculinity causing emotional self-mutilation in men. But I can speak to every man in my family who doesn’t handle his shit.

  • Medicalization, Privatization and Stigmatization

    Feminist Critiques of Health Care Shift the Conversation from Physiology to Sociology

    The elimination of the Women’s Health Contribution Program, which was expected to save the government $2.85 million a year, hastened the downward spiral for access to women’s health care in Canada.

  • Un Petit Mot

    Useful Phrases for Living a Bilingual Life

    As we all know, Montreal is a bilingual city, yet sometimes people still get confused with some of the French lingo. Here are some phrases that you might hear, explained by our French-speaking, Québécois writers.