Special Issue

Welcome to the Gender and Sexuality Special Issue

Transparency, love and understanding are at the crux of this special issue, along with a strong sense of willingness to talk about things that may not be the easiest to talk about. We believe that with accessible knowledge and information, these conversations can be more comfortable for everyone.

  • CUTV Looking to Attract More Women

    Members Hope Soon-to-Debut Bollywood Film Will Help Break Gender Norms

    Concordia University Television wants you to know that their doors are open to all.

  • Gendered Stigma and Alcoholism

    Social Pressures Prevent Women From Getting the Help They Need

    Most of the studies on alcoholism that were conducted in the last century were only carried out with male subjects. This is a problem.

  • A Rotten Apple Spoils the Bunch

    How Gender Biases in STEM Create Oppressive Environments

    Women have made astonishing gains in the past 50 years, shattering gender bias in all aspects of life. More young women are choosing careers in traditionally male-dominant fields, such as engineering and technology.

  • Sexism and Racism Continue to Dominate Sports Journalism

    The Fight for Equality Is Far From Over

    “We have to work twice as hard—which is exhausting—and you’re going to get a lot of flack.”

  • Bellesa Fills the Gap in the Porn Industry

    New Website Centres Feminine and Non-Binary Pleasure

    There are some conversations that are harder to have than others. Telling your mom that you do porn is one of those.

  • Sports Culture Needs to Move Away From Rape Culture

    The Conversation–It Needs to Change

    In Oct. 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that, since 2011, 17 female students at Baylor University, in Waco, Texas, had accused up to 19 members of the football team of committing acts of sexual violence—including four gang rapes. Since then, only two players have been sentenced to jail time.

  • Perks: A Comic

    The Adventures of Super Dyke

    “How did you do that?”

  • Feminism Is for Everybody

    And Why It’s Important to Talk About It

    I’ve often encountered people who’ve strongly stated that feminism is just a group of angry women who hate men; women who would rather overpower the male population rather than work alongside them as equals.

  • On Learning and Loving

    Polyamory Makes Us Question Current Relationship Ideals

    I was just happy to share love, and I found that the more love I had to give, the more love I had to share.

  • Get Your Internalized Misogyny Away From My Dildo Collection

    A Lipstick Lesbian Takes Off the Makeup

    Internalized misogyny doesn’t only refer to the outright belief that women are inferior, but often to the byproducts of societal views causing women to doubt, shame, and undervalue themselves and each other.